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Amy’s Kitchen Reflects on the Love Letters It’s Received Over the Years

Gratitude is the foundation of the attitude at Amy’s Kitchen. The plant-based food purveyor makes a point to ensure every piece of mail that hits its headquarters in Petaluma, California, is perused by co-founder Rachel Berliner. Since Dec. 26 is National Thank You Note Day, now is the perfect time for Amy’s Kitchen to reflect on and cherish all the noteworthy correspondence.

It’s something Berliner admits she looks forward to doing.

“There have been many wonderful moments over the years,” Rachel Berliner told the Talented Ladies Club. “I do love reading letters from Amy’s fans who discover our ‘free-from’ foods and tell us things like: ‘Thank you — I thought my life was over’ and ‘I thought I’d never eat my favorite foods again.’ Often they say they were depressed and ‘You’ve saved my life!’ Some of these letters just make me cry. It’s wonderful that we can make food that really has such an impact on people’s everyday lives.”

Amy’s Kitchen has grown exponentially since it started in 1987; however, its customers remain the brand’s heart and soul.

Cooking the Write Stuff

“[When] Rachel and I started Amy’s Kitchen. Admittedly, we didn’t know much about business,” Andy Berliner said in a letter on “We were focused on cooking delicious, healthy meals –– meals that would bring genuine smiles to people’s faces; meals that would make their lives easier; meals that they could depend on. Our love of spreading health and happiness still rings true today. This is, and has always been, why we do what we do.”

What the Berliners didn’t realize, though, was that sharing the food they ate and served their own families would garner a community response with such overwhelming appreciation.

And not only are content customers writing letters; they’re also sharing their love for Amy’s Kitchen on social media. Allison, a certified personal trainer, shared on her Instagram @on_your_left_24, “@amyskitchen you are what I need in my life! I’m a mom of 3. All I want is to nourish my kids with foods and ingredients that will help them reach their healthiest potential as they grow. But … kids can be picky. Time can be scarce. I present this solution: Amy’s Cheese Pizza Snacks! Most importantly my kids loved them!”

Amy’s Kitchen treats its communication process with the same ease it does for its easy-prep frozen meals. The company understands time is valuable and has an easy-to-fill-out form on to send fan mail or ask questions. For those who wish to have an even more personalized experience, call 800-643-0570 for general inquiries.


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