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America’s top skincare brand can’t be purchased in stores

Currently the top-selling skincare brand in the North American region is Rodan + Fields. Even though it may have to most total number of sales, it is common for a lot of Americans to have not seen the brand before.

The reason for the brand awareness being so low is that it can’t be found in stores. The products claim to fight against dark spots, acne in older individuals and lines on your face. However the sales from these products come from consultants that market their lotions through social media, word of mouth and at special events.

These consultants can opt to take a commission from each sale or use their sales to gain a discount on future products. According to the company data from 2016, there is a rough even split of these two types of consultants where 56% take commission and 44% take the discounts.

Rodan + Fields’ system seems to be effective as they made $1.3 billion USD in sales for 2017. The massive number of sales topped previous giants Neutrogena and Olay.

Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields are the brains behind the operation who also created Proactiv. Rodan and Fields sold their rights to Proactiv in 2016 for $50 billion USD. After selling off their rights they shifted their focus to their newest venture Rodan + Fields.

The new product, Rodan + Fields, can be perceived as a more upscale variant of Proactiv, which is targeted towards older women. A starter kit for the products starts at $170 USD and the most expensive kit known as “Age Assault” costs $363 USD.