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Amanda Awayda Is the Newest “It Girl” You Should Be Following

Modeling is much more than the fashion runways, designer clothes, impeccable looks, and high-end parties. On the flip side, modeling is a tough job that is often denied the respect it deserves. It is not always about the money and traveling the world for professional photoshoots. The initial years as a model are marked by uncertainty, struggle, and often working without pay. This is where most budding models quit to find a second career, only those who survive this phase successfully become known faces in the glamor world. The story of the famous model, influencer, and entrepreneur Amanda Awayda is along a similar line. Before gracing the cover pages of some renowned publications, Amanda was just another girl with big dreams and a will to work hard. 

Coming from a typical background, Amanda grew up with a dream to be seen on the runways and cover pages of magazines. As she grew up, her dream turned into a passion she started pursuing every day. She worked day-in and day-out to find an opportunity to showcase her skills. With no one in her family or friends to guide her, Amanda had to work her own way up to success. Having no one to look up to was the biggest challenge for her initially, but Amanda’s determination and diligence helped her overcome all that. 

Today, Amanda is recognized as a hard-working ‘It girl’ in the modeling industry. She has graced the cover pages of some of the top fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Glamour, Grazia, and L’OFFICIEL. Currently, Amanda is signed to five renowned modeling agencies. These deals landed her several modeling assignments and the opportunity to partner with global fashion brands like Fabletics, Adore Me, SHEIN, Guy Tang, Yandy, and Hairfinity, to name a few. Apart from her modeling ventures, Amanda is also a top influencer on social media for her sense of fashion. She is followed by over 250K people on TikTok, Instagram, and BIGO Live combined, and is soon launching a YouTube channel. 

Amanda is recognized as a promising star by many fashion designers and photographers she has worked with. A distinguished Miami-based photographer described her as “very enthusiastic and always tries her best. She understood what I meant quickly and made the movements very precise. Amanda is really a promising star.” Amanda has a very expressive face and can bring the mood of the content in an instant. She can leave the world and transform into a fashion goddess in the blink of an eye if that’s what her project demands. 

Attention to detail is one of Amanda’s main attributes that separates her from many of her contemporaries. She is particular about every movement of her body and expression on her face. This is why this young talent is quickly climbing the ladder of success. Amanda has always trusted her intuition throughout her career and never let anyone weigh down her beliefs with opinions. 

With a series of landmark achievements so far, Amanda feels she has just started her journey and has a long way to go. Going forward, she wants to make it big globally. She also has plans to launch her own cosmetic and fashion brand as a new venture in her entrepreneurial journey.