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Alexander Sisk the Photographer Making Waves with His Unique Work

At just 18 years of age, New York born and bred Alexander Sisk has already made a huge impact with his photography and video work. Ever since his childhood, Sisk has been fascinated by photo and video mediums and his passion has continued to grow for well over a decade. Although he is still young, he is currently pursuing his dreams, working as a photographer with a number of notable brands while also receiving his education at Penn State University.

Alexander Sisk

As a creator specialising in social media content, Alexander Sisk has had the opportunity to work with other artists, famous brands, celebrities and more. He creates social media content such as video reels, feed posts and story posts for an impressive range of people and companies. So far in his young career, he has worked with brands such as Neighborhood Hero, Penny board, Arizona Iced Tea, and Love Me Before They All Do, to name a few. His work for them has captured the attention of people around the world due to his unique style of photography.

Alexander Sisk has also had the opportunity to collaborate with celebrities, including rappers Stunna Gambino, WavesOnGianni, Bizzy Banks, E-Dot Baby, and more. New York city creates the perfect backdrop for his work and contributes to the eye catching content that he is able to consistently create.

Alexander Sisk

Despite his young age, Alexander Sisk has already made a name for himself in the photography community and continues to collaborate with a number of exciting people and brands. His innovative style and expert eye allows him to produce exceptional photo and video content.

Follow up with Alexander Sisk at or connect via IG @sisk.jpeg

Alexander Sisk