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Alexander Chukwu is Transforming the Music World with His Infectious Personality and Incredible Musical Talent

Alexander Chukwu was born in Enugu, an eastern state in Nigeria popularly known as “The Coal City”. He later moved to the city of Lagos where he began his musical career but he never forgot his roots. Xander adopted the code(042) to his name to represent The Coal City Enugu State.

With a lifelong passion for music, he derived a love for performing from listening to the legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, an artist who became popular from singing covers of amazing afro-infused songs and some other afro highlife art. The multi-talented Alexander Chukwu, who also goes by the stage moniker “Xander 042”, is here to win the hearts of fans and music lovers across the world. His effortless delivery and amazing vocal dexterity in conjunction with his native afro sound constantly melt the hearts of his listeners worldwide.


His attention to detail on stage and in his videos results in eye-catching performances that grab your attention. He is known for creating moments that thrust you into his songs making you, the fan, a part of the music.

Alexander Chukwu

In 2009, he released his first album titled “onyeasiri” which received rave reviews.

In 2016 Xander moved to the USA where he released his hit single titled “Touching body”. This was quickly followed by another smash hit titled “$1 million”. Xander released another project in April 2019 appropriately titled “I am different”. This young artist is bringing the heat without a doubt. The consistency continues with his new singles “Bom Bom” feat: E blue and “OverLoad”.

Xander 042 is authentic, funny, and very engaging, using his social media platforms to engage in daily interactions with his fans. For dates and times for performances as well as new music, stay glued to “Xander 042” on all social media platforms and websites.

Alexander Chukwu

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