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AfroLatino Artist Llay Releases Fresh New Track, “Too Much” Feat. Qiqi Garcia

After releasing two hit songs, Josymar “Llay” Freire brings his fans his newest single, “Too Much”, in collaboration with Qiqi Garcia. You may know him for his prominence in the Afrobeat music industry, either when he was still a part of a band or when he started promoting solo. Regardless, Llay guarantees to again give you the same high-quality music that he has been feeding his fans ever since he started his musical journey.

Llay is an AfroLatino musician and vocal producer who always had an interest for music related to his Cape-Verdean and Guinean origins despite growing up in London. Tens of thousands of people actively support him as an artist on social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. As a matter of fact, he also has thousands of monthly listeners on audio streaming platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud.

What makes Llay’s music so popular is its unique blend of afrobeat, hip-hop, kizomba, rhythm and blues (R&B), trap, and zouk genres. If you compare what he can offer to that of this generation’s artists, he is amongst the cream of the crop. You will rarely find someone who has such a diverse musical style, and that’s also why he has many loyal supporters in his fanbase.

When his community of fans heard about his new track “Too Much”, published on YouTube this July, they couldn’t help but show their excitement. When Llay uploaded the song’s poster on his Instagram to announce the release, thousands immediately demonstrated their support by engaging with the post through comments and hearts. Considering Llay’s success in the industry so far, it was to be expected.

The AfroLatino’s career professionally started in 2015 when he formed the band ExL with other talented musicians. After the massive success of the track “Vou te Pegar”, which was included in their first extended play, they got more opportunities to boost their reputation. In fact, they were invited to participate in a famous AfroLatino festival in Latvia.

Eventually, Llay decided to start a solo career in music, and he started it off with his first single, “Toca No Meu Body”. It gained tens of thousands of streams and views on numerous platforms, and it was featured in one of Portugal’s most renowned YouTube channels for AfroKizomba music. Last October, he was also invited to perform for thousands online during the “The Made of Music 3rd edition” in Paris.

He has continued to actively boost his reputation through his music. Llay has released three singles as a solo artist so far. Besides “Toca No Meu Body”, there are also the hit tracks “No Talking” and “A DM to My Ex”. Due to the impressive quality of his previous releases, people have also expected a lot from “Too Much”.

Although the pressure was on, Llay was confident that he wouldn’t disappoint his fans. He has always loved and practiced music ever since he was young. Therefore, he considers the industry his turf, and people can’t deny his skills, whether in songwriting or performing.