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A determined and joyful cruise line traveler — Pablo Valero

I guess, everybody wants a job with a good salary. There are only a few people who prioritize their passion above money. Everyone who has ever held a job has, at some point, felt the pressure of work-related stress. Generally, you’ll find most of the people with desk jobs. But the sad part is, according to a survey, desk jobs or office jobs are found to be most stressful. Sitting in a corner, with the same work, for long hours, it actually is the definitions of stress. 

But there is a person, who cares less about the society and work foundations and focuses more on following on his passions. Pablo Valero, a certified personal trainer and college graduate with a business degree in Commerce & International Business. He was born in Monterrey, Mexico. He also got certifications for a personal trainer. Furthermore, he pursued to be a personal trainer just for side hobbies. Not only that, has also got certified with IBM in both Data Science and Data Analysis.

He worked in an office just after he graduated. But with all the stress that comes with a desk job, he grew bored with it. He made up his mind to leave his job and start something different. He decided to work for a cruise line, Royal Caribbean International. Royal Caribbean International is the second-biggest cruise line in the entire world. Pablo worked onboard for the cruise ship traveling the world, and meeting new people. He does normal and extreme sports like surfing, indoor skydiving, rock climbing wall and many more.

 Pablo is an inspiration to the people who are not confident to follow their passions. He hopes to bring happiness into people’s lives by inspiring them and making them believe within themselves.

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