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3xBOLD: Empowering Authentic Living and Bold Choices

In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, 3xBOLD stands as a lighthouse guiding men and women alike towards an integrous life defined by genuine expression. Founded by Brent Perkins, a seasoned CEO, executive mentor, father of two girls and a published author, he leverages the transformative power of choice to challenge and empower those ready to make a change in their lives. 

In our modern era, it’s all too easy to forget the profound agency our free will bestows upon us. Too often we cave to societal norms and external pressures, operating in a perpetual state of striving and settling for less than we deserve or desire. It’s here that 3xBOLD steps in, offering a simple solution.

“Live BOLD” isn’t just a slogan; it’s an ethos. It’s a commitment to prioritizing oneself in every choice, transcending ego-driven motivations, and experiencing the liberating force and depth of freedom.

What does freedom truly entail?

Freedom is not an abstract ideal but a tangible reality. It’s about shedding the need for external validation and recognizing one’s inherent worth. It’s acknowledging that every choice we make is the right one, despite the shame and guilt our inner-critic projects onto us.

3xBOLD’s Three-Pronged Approach:
●  Awareness: Discover the untapped reservoir of choices within you and harness your potential for    radical transformation.
●  Self-Discovery and Mastery: Confront life’s hurdles head-on and employ daily rituals that establish an unshakeable consistency.
●  Integration and Action: Understand that the most potent life lessons are experiential. To “Live BOLD” is an active commitment to ongoing growth. 

As Brent Perkins, the driving force behind 3xBOLD, insightfully states, “When we know our worth, when we love and trust ourselves fully, we’re not willing to give a piece of us away for less than the full value of what it can be.”

In addition to its pioneering approach to authentic living and bold decision-making, 3xBOLD is excited to unveil Brent Perkins’ seminal book, “Papercuts: The Art of Self-Delusion.” Launched in August 2023, it is available on Amazon in all formats, including a self-narrated audiobook.

“Papercuts” has been described as “an unexpected gift to the business world and anyone seeking personal growth,” by Diana Owens, LCSW, a transformational coach, counselor, and author. Owens goes on to say that, “The vulnerability that anchors this story is accompanied by a masterful blend of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. The reader is invited to walk down a path of empowerment and transformation, starting with choice and leading to freedom. Brent’s courage to be himself illustrates how leadership starts from the inside out—a life of integrity that becomes magnetic and a shining example to others.”

The numerous endorsements by thought leaders via podcasts and testimonials of first-hand experiences, further underscore the transformative potential of this unique approach. Within each of us lies an inner artist just waiting to be (re)discovered and allowed to Live BOLD.

This isn’t merely an invitation; it’s a call to action to choose a life that is Courageous, Authentic and Wild.

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Founder (Adventure Guide) 3xBOLD
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