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3PLs and eCommerce: Kitting and Assembly Solutions Leads the Charge as a Key Supply Chain Component During Uncertain Economic Times

Just about all of us, all day, every day, are continuously adding tasks to our to-do list. 

What would you say to someone taking something OFF your plate, rather than increasing your workload? At the same time, they could save you money, sharpen your business strategy and improve your company’s outlook for the future. 

With eCommerce driving a global economy that seems to grow more uncertain each day, Third Party Logistics firms—3PLs—can be an alternative that strengthens your company’s resiliency.

3PLs have emerged as a key supply chain component for eCommerce firms in the wake of the pandemic upending everything that everyone thought they knew about packing and shipping.

With billions of letters and packages handled annually by the U.S. Postal Service, and millions of packages shipped daily through companies like FedEx and UPS, pivoting to a 3PL company could be a game-changing, cost-saving move for your company.

But where to start? 

How about with Kitting and Assembly Solutions, a Colorado-based 3PL firm that provides a range of services, including Amazon FBA Prep; and kitting, labeling, assembly, custom packaging, shipping, receiving, storage and quality control.

Kitting and Assembly Solutions:

  • Receives, packs and ships your Amazon products as individual units, with the ability to customize boxes and labels for shipment to Amazon.
  • Assembles a multitude of products and provides shipping wherever needed, or stores your inventory on-site for future use.
  • Can receive inventory and store products until they are ready to be kitted and shipped; then arrange for cost-effective shipping. 

Kitting and Assembly Solutions owner Todd Peters can offer plenty of objective advice when it comes to selecting a 3PL company. And the standards he says other companies should live up to are already ingrained in the Kitting approach to fulfilling the demands of discerning customers. 

“If I was looking to hire a 3PL, I would want to know how long they’ve been in business,” Todd said. 

For Kitting and Assembly Solutions, that’s nearly a decade. And Todd has been working in warehouses for three decades, since age 16. 

He started out running small operations, then progressed to managing two 150,000-square-foot warehouses, with 50 employees each. Nine years ago, he launched Kitting and Assembly Solutions in his garage. Now, the company and its 12 employees call a 10,000-square-foot warehouse, not far from Denver, home.

As you navigate the ins-and-outs of the 3PL marketplace, and work to sort everything before settling on a company, Todd offers one simple suggestion. Place a smaller order with him, which will show you how he handles larger orders. 

From his viewpoint, this step allows potential customers to assess Kitting’s operation and could lay the groundwork for a lasting partnership. This step is also important for Todd because it shows potential clients that he will work hard for their business, just as he has worked hard to build up his company.  

Todd says another box to check on a company that offers the services that Kitting provides is location. Where is the company’s physical location? A centralized location in the U.S. is critical. Kitting’s home base of Commerce City, Colorado, is not smack dab in the center of the country, but it’s close enough to be within reasonable reach of the lower 48. 

You can also gauge a company’s track record by inquiring with the hive mind on social media. Ask for people’s opinions on Kitting and you’ll see that over the past nine years, Todd and his team have cultivated relationships with satisfied customers—who have become repeat customers. 

Visit, search on “Kitting Assembly and Solutions,” and you can read rave reviews like these:

Joseph A.:

“KAS runs an efficient and honest operation. We couldn’t be happier with the service they give us! We highly recommend KAS to anybody looking for a quality packing and shipping company!”

Brandon K.: 

“Todd runs a super smooth operation! His team had a very creative packaging solution for several of my products. I was really amazed at how fast and efficient they were. Highly recommended!”

James S.:

“Todd does a great job with my packaging needs. He is allowing me to quickly scale my business. Highly recommended!”

Visit to learn more.