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Zigi Zigmond – a young entrepreneur who actually took the difficult year for granted & listed for the top influential people during the COVID19

40 Under 40

Name: Zigi Zigmond

Title: Entrepreneur, Group Manager, Blogger

Age: 39

A lover of technologies, gadgets, mobile and a strong passion for cars, Zigi, Group Manager at a leading financial-technology (fintech) industry company, (SAR Technologies) which recently their biggest client collaborated with the Rangers football team club. Co-founder of ZandyLabs and iBet Sport app.

When asked what your title is? He replies that it is always difficult for him to define himself through one area – “I do a lot of things, I am an entrepreneur”

Often helps people who have lost their jobs due to the Corona Virus, university graduates or courses with no experience in entering the high-tech field, in addition, helps many small startups to implement work processes.

I love helping. Although I do not do this in a publicly way, those who know me deeply, know. Even before entering the high-tech world, I was working at Magen David Adom, (emergency care assistant) as EMT and Head of dispatch.

Apart from that, I like my daily work in which I manage, try to improve and streamline key processes in the company, not only mine.

In the past year, Zigi has been able to help hundreds of job seekers (With his wide connections) after finding themselves out of work due to the COVID19 Pandemic Virus.

Ok, So first thing first… Zigi? Zigmond? It is a big or unique name, you can say.

Well (Laughing), Zigmond is my last name. Zigi is the short of it. Since 5th grade all around me just called me that way, so in time I just left it like that, after all, the real name will not last a week.

And yes, I have already heard all the variations that exist whether it is Ziggy Stardust, Ziggy Play Guitar, OMG, are you related to Zigmond Freud and more…

Are you?

No… (Laughing) I wish, but Zigmond it his First name, mine is Last name!

Lately, you have been very busy helping people with finding work and companies in implementing processes, how did you get there?

The new routine, in the days of Corona, has become very challenging which has led to a new work routine whether it is full or partial work from home which includes endless runs between lots of online meetings, order at home with family, children, dog and more. However, at the same time led to a wide-ranging layoff wave.

I have seen a great many people of all ages who simply found themselves without a job. I decided to take action, help as many people as possible and use the broad connections I have. I have many connections in the industry, and if I can use them to help others, it is a wonderful thing!

In regards to helping companies, I first started a blog in Hebrew, which addresses people in the field of software, innovation and my favorite corner car reviews.

I started writing about streamlining processes, working from home, how to deal with it and more. Over time, I began to receive inquiries with a request for help in managing company processes.

I have helped quite a few small startups like DigitalPlot, TinyLabs and more in implementing work processes. Everyone shouts Agile, Agile (Management model Process), but not everyone can, knows or even ready for it. So I sit down with those companies, explain to them the process, what they need, what tools are needed and even advise them what to do and what to implement according to the requirements and needs of the company. Sometimes non-book processes are more correct and preferable for a particular company.

How do you get along and manage everything, entrepreneurship, family, work?

First, I am a father, a husband and then everything else. I have two amazing children, a noble wife and a dog, Dog! Not a small pet. Besides, I also have a spare hour than all.. I do 25/7 (Laughing).

Truly, although it is not easy, especially on the days of COVID19 in the past year and as it is not over yet, but I cannot take all the credit for myself. My wife does a wonderful and magnificent job and some will say she works twice as hard! Together we are a winning combination. She truly deserves to be here instead of me.

I divide the day into parts well, trying at least, family, work, projects, family and looping.

What is your motive for all this? What do you gain from this?

Well, my biggest gratitude belongs to a great friend of mine Moshe Porat!

A real man of action, an entrepreneur who lived the world of entrepreneurship. He is the one who taught, mentored and introduced me to this field. Now that I’m there with the ability and connections I’ve made over the years, the least I can do is just use it to help others who really need it.

A defining moment in your life?

Having a dog! No, No, Just kidding (Laughing), without a doubt my Kids.

What’s next?

For me, I always strive to learn, get better and become more efficient. As for those around me, I will continue and try to help as many promising young people as possible who are trying to get into the high-tech field, which is definitely difficult for those who do not have the experience.

Eventually, these young people are the next promising generation.

Finally, your motto?

Just do it! By Nike

(Both laughing)

` Well, Zigi, Thank you very much for your time, you definitely one funny and serious altogether.

` Ohh no! Thank you… It was a pleasure! Much appreciate.