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Yung Naf, one of the best actors to emerge in the current generation:

Modern artist, Yung Naf is the new talent in the entertainment industry. His work has received quite an appreciation from the public. Through hard work, courage and determination, Yung has established himself as one of the finest riding artists in this industry. He is taking the industry by storm through his acting.

Yung Naf, whose real name is Robert Naftali, was born and brought up in New York.  Since childhood, he was always passionate about acting. He always wanted to excel in the entertainment industry. Yung Naf started his career in acting at the young age of 18. Being a self-taught artist people are often amazed to see his acting skills and ability to deliver diverse character which is one of the reasons which makes him stand out in this industry. His unique and full-of-life character gives him an upper hand in acting. Yung Naf has never attended Film school but his fast-learning ability to find the essence of a new character is simply amazing. As a rising artist, Yung has gained recognition through his supporting roles.

Yung Naf tries to attend each and every audition he comes across. By attending several auditions, he was able to form several networks and connections which has further helped him to come across a more acting opportunity.

According to Yung Naf, he aims to become a serial regular and feature in several films. Errol Morris is among the most prominent filmmakers that Yung Naf dreams to work with. He admires and loves the creative and humorous side of Errol. Moreover, he is working hard to make his dream come true.

Yung Naf is a huge believer that the art of acting is anchored in constant education and learning from each experience. He said he always learns something new from each of his acting experiences which makes him a type of artist who is always ready and flexible to play any kind of character that is given to him. This attitude of Yung proves, that nothing can stop him to be one of the finest artists in the coming time. Therefore, Yung Naf is a young and ambitious actor who is currently working hard to establish himself as one of the top artists in the whole entertainment industry.

There is a lot more one can expect from Yung Naf and he is sure to become a household name in the near future. Keep an eye on the talented and passionate actor by following him on his Instagram account linked below: