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Yuliia Korienkova’s Art Gets Featured in the First Playboy Mexico Art Book

It is said, Art speaks louder where words are unable to speak. Over the years, Art has been used to express human imagination, creative skills, visual forms such as sculptures and drawing. Art is done to appreciate the beauty and emotional power that accompanies it. Today, we talked to Yuliia Korienkova, a Ukrainian-born artist based in the United Arab Emirates.

Since the age of three years, Yuliia Korienkova has always had a keen interest in Art. In college, she studied Engineering and briefly lived in Switzerland and Germany while pursuing her art career. Yuliia Korienkova works on robotic Art, which is mainly inspired by technological advancement in artificial intelligence. “Ever since I was young, my passion has always been Art. I dreamt Art, felt Art and lived Art. At some point in life, I tried out some other careers but quit, “says the robotics artist. Yuliia opened an art gallery in Viena, Austria, but it has since been closed due to Covid 19. Her decision to live in UAE is majorly due to her belief that her Art is more celebrated there than in any other place.

Despite the harsh effects of the Covid 19 pandemic, Yuliia Korienkova has found happiness in her Art as it featured in the First Playboy Mexico Art Book. “This is one of my happiest moments in life. I feel great when my Art gets to feature in top global books like First Playboy Mexico Art Book,” she adds. She believes that the book will elevate her further into achieving her long-term career goals. She says that one should pursue their dream and passion.

While Art remains one of the oldest forms of human expression, it is less appreciated in the modern age. There is more to be done so that great artwork can be achieved. More journals and books like the First Playboy Mexico Art Book have to be published more regularly and advertised to the greater world for all and sundry to see, feel and appreciate the Art.