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5 Ways Your Child Will Benefit from Martial Arts, According to Teachers from Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts

Great parents are always searching for enjoyable activities for kids that will also have a positive impact on them and help them grow into thriving adults. One of the most beneficial things a parent can do is get their kids involved in martial arts. Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts teachers have witnessed these five excellent benefits.

  1. They Learn to Deal with Bullies Effectively

Unfortunately, bullies often target the kids they perceive won’t stand up for themselves and don’t know how to ask for help. One of the critical components of any good martial arts program is combining self-defense with assertiveness and other anti-bullying strategies. The result is kids who can advocate for themselves and exude confidence, making bullies think twice.

  1. They Develop Healthy Connections

Most parents worry that their kids will fall prey to negative influences or that they’ll be lonely. When kids get involved at Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts, they connect with a peer group that is positive and supportive. Youth who stick with the program as they continue through school have access to healthy activity and guidance from mentors who will encourage them to make significant decisions.

  1. They Gain Self-Confidence

How do you help a kid gain self-confidence deeply and sustainably? You allow them to set goals and successfully achieve them. This is precisely what happens when kids get involved in martial arts. Every time they master a new skill or progress to a new level, they gain something special. That’s real, earned self-confidence. Instructors are there along the way to offer meaningful praise and constructive support.

  1. They Can Attain Lifetime Fitness

Kids who incorporate fitness into their lives become healthy adults. While all sports have value, not all are sustainable for a lifetime. Martial arts stand out because someone can begin training as a young child and continue for decades. Some senior citizens actively participate in martial arts, even participating in competitions. Martial arts training is a great way to instill long-term healthy habits that kids and adults truly enjoy.

  1. They Learn Respect and Communication Skills

Kids who train in martial arts learn respect for themselves and others. They take part in classes where they must listen attentively, follow instructions, and show respect. This includes respecting their fellow students, instructors, and the space itself. Additionally, these kids pick up practical communication skills. They learn to address others with respect and expect the same in return. This, combined with regulating emotions, creates kids who can express themselves assertively yet respectfully in any situation.

Tiger Schulmann, Martial Arts Expert

Established in 1984 by Daniel “Tiger” Schulmann, Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts is the largest martial arts school in the US. With more than 45 locations in the United States, TSMA has helped thousands of men, women, and children reach their full potential while meeting a variety of personal goals. With skill levels ranging from complete beginner to professional competitors, Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts teaches the most effective self-defense techniques — a combination of boxing, muay thai, wrestling and jiu-jitsu. But TSMA teaches more than self-defense. Every one of Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts Schools strives to provide an alternative form of physical fitness while instilling life lessons and personal development.