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Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola

5 things you should know about Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola

CEO of Astorts Group Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola is one of those larger than life characters that, from an early age, knew that he wanted to be the master of his own destiny by taking on positions of leadership, and innovating new and better systems, specifically in the world of finance. For anyone who has thought about pursuing an entrepreneurial career, particularly in the fintech or company management space, Alessandro is a motivating figure to look towards if you are in any doubt about the rewards this path can provide.

To give you a well-rounded view of his wide-ranging expertise and experience, take a look at the following 5 things you should know about Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola.

1.   He works all around the globe

One of the first and most impressive things you’ll learn about Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola is that he has worked in almost all the world’s major economic markets, having managed and consulted businesses in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Baltic Countries, Mauritius, Russia and China + more.

In an increasingly interconnected and globalised world, where an economic crash in one market can flow on to others, this world experience gives Alessandro a unique global outlook when it comes to financial management and investment. Having this expansive knowledge of the trends in different markets and understanding the cultural factors that influence investment confidence is absolutely a major advantage when providing value in both direct business management and consultancy.

2.   He has extensive management experience

Since the young age of 20, Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola has successfully created a range of management consulting, wealth management, and fintech firms. In all of these endeavours, Alessandro has been able to leverage his expertise and, through his leadership, bring out the best in everyone who works alongside him to achieve the company’s vision.

This depth of experience in managing multiple different businesses over the last 15+ years has earned Alessandro a high-degree of respect amongst his professional peers and explains why he is looked up to as a source of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs, especially those interested in diving into the growing fintech market.

3.   He’s a prolific writer

In his spare time, Alessandro also writes his own personal blog that discusses topics and news related to fintech, marketing, leadership and travel. He covers everything from mistakes to avoid when investing, beginner, intermediate and advanced guides for bitcoin use, and recently, some articles about how to maximise productivity while working at home and the economic impact of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

4.   He runs in his own podcast

If writing for his own blog wasn’t enough, Alessandro also gives away even more free expertise to those who want it via his podcast. While still in it’s early stages, the podcast has a promising future as Alessandro is able to go into even more detail about his analysis of financial trends, especially in the fintech space, and this can only provide a net benefit to anyone who takes the time to give it a listen.

5.   He provides in-depth financial consultation services

One of Alessandro’s main activities outside of the management of Astorts group and other companies is selling consultancy to firms who want to leverage his unique experience and expertise. His most basic advisory service is affordable for most businesses and is a great way for them to get honest advice from someone who can grasp numbers quickly and predict how changing trends will affect their business.

Alessandro is also able to advise on the best place to start a forex brokerage firm, a hedge or alternative investment fund, a cryptocurrency company or an API, EMI, or PSP firm. He can also engineer a winning business plan for any business that wants the advantage of Alessandro’s extensive worldwide business experience in their early (and critical) development stages.