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You Can Rise After You Fall Down: Here’s How This Dance Teacher Turned Her Setbacks Into Comebacks

Real estate success is easier said than done. It’s not a walk in the park and certainly not an overnight thing. But it can be a life changing career if you play your cards right, have the right attitude coupled with education and having the right network of people. The experience varies from investor to investor though. Some investors achieved success, while others failed and took a different path. That’s the harsh reality of this industry. Not everyone makes it but for those who do, success and financial freedom await!

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude

Tahiti born and Maui resident Tereva is a living proof that past circumstances do not define one’s future. That breakthroughs and comebacks can happen after fall outs and setbacks. That it’s still absolutely possible to rise back up and soar high even after falling down and spiraling into debt. She is a mom, dance teacher, business owner and out of state real estate investor leader who used her past mistakes to move upwards and was able to successfully pay $150k worth of debt off in under two years.

She’s the type of person who doesn’t let negative circumstances in her life get the best of her. Instead, she used them as lessons to propel herself forward and grow leaps and bounds. When she sets her mind and heart to something, nothing and no one can stop her from fulfilling what her goals. She is a go-getter who did what she had to do to improve her future and set a legacy. So when she realized the different opportunities and potential monetary gains that real estate offered, she decided to go all in, and will let nothing stop her until she achieves her goals. 

Your life is what you make of it

Tereva wasn’t born with anything handed to her on a silver platter; however, she is hardworking and resourceful by nature. Not a quitter but rather a go-getter, Tereva worked relentlessly to get herself out of debt through real estate. After many ups and downs, challenges and mistakes, she is able to maintain a six- figure annual earning momentum through flipping properties, building a massive rental portfolio, and continuing to grow her wealth. Tereva will not rest on her laurels and will do what it takes to improve her life and that of those she surrounds herself with.

 Tips and advice 

Life as they say it is like a game of cards, we play with what we’re dealt with but even though things may seem out of our favor at times, we can still change our future for the better just like Tereva. How she managed to get herself out of debt is incredible and goes to show that bad situations do not last forever. To follow in her footsteps, feel free to apply these:

  1. Mindset is everything: For Tereva, success is achievable and attainable if you put your heart and mind into something. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and start going after what you want even if taking that leap can be scary at first. 
  2. Have faith and remain positive: For her, it’s always best to focus on what could go right instead of what could go wrong. It’s important to stay positive and have faith that things will eventually fall into place, or that there’s always a way to make things work.
  3. Abundance mindset: You CAN and WILL go far if you choose to have an abundance mentality instead of playing the victim. 
  4. Create and make connections: A closed mouth doesn’t get fed so go out there and speak up.  Don’t hesitate to build connections, interact with others, and ask for help.

There you have it! Feel free to apply Tereva’s recipe to your success and you’re on your way to the financial abundance of your dreams!