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Here’s What Inspired Two Working Moms, Taylor and Jewel, to Create a World-Class Natural Detox Product

The world we live in is new. What is also new is the way we interact with it and, in turn, how it interacts with us. From nature to the materialistic world, change is beginning to affect us. As the level of pollution goes up, we stand to face issues that weren’t so common among our ancestors. These new issues, physical to begin with, need to be addressed with a sense of urgency yet and care. To help solve the problems the everyday working woman and moms’ are facing is what inspired Taylor Lamb and Jewel Zimmer to create Juna’s world-class natural Detox drops.

“We are more digitally wired today than we were five years ago and will be more connected in the coming years. We realize that the future is moving towards digitalization faster than ever. As a result, our working styles, eating habits, routines, and even the kind of work we do are changing. Life can be stressful, and as more and more people spend insane amounts of time on their phones and computers, they tend to experience more stress and sleep issues than before.” shares Taylor. Juna’s CEO Jewel Zimmer adds, “Sleep issues can lead to dietary problems. Issues with diet and digestion can lead to stress, and from there, it’s often a difficult road to climb back up, especially if you become dependent on over-the-counter medication.” But what if there was a natural alternative to help us cope with these issues?

Juna detox

Juna’s products are derived naturally from plants and have over 40+ active botanicals that solve issues related to or causing “stress, anxiety, digestive problems, and sleep issues,” says Taylor Lamb, the brand’s CMO/Co-Founder. Talking about the integrity of their products, she adds, “all our products are 100% USDA organic, non-habit forming, made entirely from plants, and science-backed. But most importantly, they have been created to blend in with a woman’s daily routine. For instance, I personally start my day with our detox drops mixed in a glass of water to shield and prepare my body from the inside to face the challenges of the day.”

A few natural and sustainable steps can go a long way in helping women keep their health and work under control. And that’s what Juna is all about. For more information about the company and products, please visit, or email [email protected] if you have any questions for the founders.