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WordPress web development expert Ivan Popov discusses the importance of a good website and how his company continues to improve the lives of its clients

Founder of Vipe Studio Ivan Popov is an expert in developing optimal WordPress websites for clients of all different industries. He and his team manage all services related to WordPress and, with their client-first attitude, ensure that each online business they manage is optimized to the highest standard. He talks about his start as a developer and how Vipe Studio aim to deliver their services.

Hi Ivan, can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Hi all! My name is Ivan Popov and I have been involved in WordPress development since 2009. I run my own WordPress Agency for Development – Vipe Studio. We’re a team of six with a plan of growing further in the next months. In my free time I love sports and everything related to Star Wars and Marvel.

How did you become interested in web development?

It all started with my first PC that my parents bought me back in 2002. I began browsing the websites of all my favorite TV shows of that time. The 10-year-old me decided to create a website about Power Rangers in Bulgarian, so that was the start of my web development path. By 2009 I had created a website about absolutely every single TV show I watched. I never realized I would do this professionally to be honest, as my Bachelor’s degree is in Journalism and all my hobbies were related to sports.

When did you decide to start Vipe Studio?

I tried using WordPress for the first time as a high-school student in 2009. I then started doing WordPress development professionally when I was in University – this period was Vipe Studio’s blueprint. Founding Vipe Studio in 2016 was the logical step for a freelance activity. The company’s concept is based on the inner specialization as a full-stack WordPress company.

What kind of services and digital solutions do you offer?

Vipe Studio offers the whole package of WordPress related services – website development, eCommerce for business, custom plugins and functions and high-end managed WordPress hosting.

The exact client profile we can be useful to is a partner who needs technical maintenance, client experience planning and a profiting concept development.

We are not just technicians – we are real people who pay attention to how the website will be accepted by the audience.

How important are well-built websites in this day and age?

We live in a fast-paced world where everything happens in just a few moments. We grow up fast, work fast, eat fast, love fast, and learn new information fast, all with only a few clicks on a mouse. People today are multi-functional, therefore they have many opportunities, but they do not have much patience. There is a great over saturation of the market, and accordingly, consumers have a lot of choice when deciding where they will get the information they are looking for. I can say that if your website is not updated and takes too much time to load, your potential customer will leave it and transfer to one of your competitors that has a better website.

Is it important for businesses to make the move to online?

With the increase of consumers actively turning to the web for shopping for everything from books to clothing to groceries – it is only logical that so many entrepreneurs are looking for different ways to take their offline business online. I think owning a website for your business is no longer a bonus, but an absolute necessity. The first thing a modern person will do when they hear a company name is to Google it. So the first impression of your business is its digital presence. Business owners needs to consider this presence as it is now a must.

What is the role of the client in your process?

My company is client-driven and believe in the individual approach. We are building websites as an entire ecosystem with attention to every detail. The first conversation with our clients and the initial project concept, written on a piece of paper, are just as important to us as the final product: the optimization of the results and overall user experience.

Why do you think WordPress is an ideal platform for building websites?

WordPress is one of the most commonly used content management systems in the world, millions of websites run on WordPress worldwide. WordPress is versatile, scalable, and robust along with being the most SEO-friendly content management system on the market. Millions of businesses use WordPress for these reasons and the reasons are clear. Every website can be created on WordPress in theory. The system is created as a blogging platform, but it’s functionalities can be developed limitlessly.

I have been developing a wide variety of WordPress websites through the years – online shops selling anything from cars to honey, or company internal management systems.

Thank you Ivan for your time!
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