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William Rivera Shares His Journey to Million Dollars as an Amazon Seller

Amazon, the e-commerce giant has been the hub of successful business ventures for quite a few years now. Many Amazon sellers have transformed their lives starting from zero to becoming millionaires. William Rivera is an example of one such entrepreneur who showed the world that e-commerce business doesn’t always require huge capital to earn huge revenue. Some brilliant tactics and strategies are enough to set the ball rolling.

William Rivera started his first online store in 2017 after struggling for some time to gain knowledge about e-commerce. He even worked at Amazon warehouse and LA Fitness as side hustles to gather money for his initial investment. After a few months, he was able to make $45,000 in revenue from his first successful e-commerce store. However, he realized that this was not enough and there was more to learn about e-commerce so that he can earn more.

To finance his learning about the e-commerce business, William Rivera sold his first business for $3,000. After gaining more knowledge, he started afresh with an Amazon store. He chose Amazon because it is already an e-commerce giant with sellers and buyers from all over the world. Amazon itself has become a global brand so selling products on the platform will require minimal marketing. Soon he was able to make $100,000 in revenue from his e-commerce store. Recently, William Rivera took $350,000 in revenue from his Amazon store in just 25 days.

William Rivera started sharing his journey on his Instagram account when he started his e-commerce business. After he tasted his first success, he received a lot of responses on his social media account where people wanted to know more about his experience in e-commerce. He even shared a summary of his journey on a YouTube video.


This overwhelming response interested William Rivera to share his knowledge and experience with more people to inspire them to chase their dreams. He launched his e-commerce program, Ecom Degree University as an initiative to help budding entrepreneurs venture into e-commerce with confidence. He didn’t want others to make the same mistakes that he made when he initially started. Today, Ecom Degree University has more than 700 students and some of them are already earning six to seven-figure revenue from their e-commerce stores.

William Rivera has shared all his knowledge and experience in e-commerce in his program, Ecom Degree University. The program trains people on starting an e-commerce business with giants like Shopify and Amazon. Students also get to learn the techniques for selling branded products on Amazon without marketing. This has been William Rivera’s recent strategy behind grossing $350,000 in revenue in 25 days. Ecom Degree University offers lifetime access to all previous and updated information to all the students and this has helped it stand out from other learning courses on e-commerce.

William Rivera is now living his dream of financial independence. However, all of this wasn’t easy for him. He had to quit his education at Georgia Gwinnett College to devote more time to his business. Even after he dropped out of college, he visited the campus just for the Wi-Fi, because he had no internet at home.

William Rivera wanted a better life after he saw his mother working hard and struggling to meet ends. Fortunately, all his hard work paid off because he realized quite early in his life that working smart is more important than working hard.