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Why Party Hosts Opt For Paella Catering in Sydney

As an industry, paella catering in Sydney is starting to take off.

For hosts of local parties across the city, there is an acceptance of the qualities that Paella amor offer consumers to give a light, delicious, affordable and easy meal for all types of guests.

This unique mixture of rich, vegetables, seafood, meats and various other spices and ingredients would be born out of Valencia in Spain before entering the Australian market.

Now everyone can enjoy what these outlets have to offer in their own homes.

Let us take a closer look at what Paella amor can provide for hosts and guests alike.


Catering To Large Guest Pool

City party goers can start out with an intimate get together and before they know it they are having friends of friends and neighbours popping over to enjoy the festivities. Paella catering in Sydney can deliver for a home that will see dozens and dozens of people coming in and enjoying the event. Other types of cuisine will struggle with that high volume of turnaround but given the nature of the food, these meals are made to be cooked in bulk batches so large groups can enjoy them.



Like many cuisine services, the higher the volume of the guests, the lower the per-person cost will turn out to be. The same principle applies with paella catering in Sydney although this is a dish that is well and truly on the side of affordability. A guest pool of 50 people can expect to be paying anywhere from $15-$18 per person, with that figure dropping to approximately $10-$12 per person for 100 or more participants. When compared to Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, French and Thai meals, this is by far the most cost effective solution for party hosts.



The delicious taste and rich flavours can make some guests feel guilty as they think the dish is too good to be true for healthy eaters. Paella catering in Sydney actually strikes that delicate balance perfectly, offering consumers a cuisine that is packed with nutrients, minerals and healthy properties. This will include zinc, fatty acids, iron, vitamin A and much more – mixing together rich vegetables, rice and seafood. Consumers who are concerned about their weight or blood pressure won’t have to be fretting in this regard.


Special Dietary Requirements

For partygoers who have an intolerance to particular food types, from various types of meat, fish, starch, dairy or spices, paella catering in Sydney can provide top quality service. With an entire range of cooking ingredients and approaches where the dishes can be crafted to suit special dietary requirements, individuals don’t have to feel as though they are left out of the festivities. For hosts who are receiving RSVPs from their friends, colleagues and family members for the event, it is worthwhile asking if this is a requirement as the outlet will be able to meet the challenge and prepare ahead of time.


Simple Setup & Quick Turnaround Time

The logistics for paella catering in Sydney makes sense for party hosts. Unlike other types of cuisine that requires many hours to prepare and lay out for the people, this is a process that necessitates small kitchen space and just a heating implement for the wok. Some services will accumulate the entire kitchen and force partygoers to venture outside of their normal position. Not only is this an asset, but the cooking and cleanup time is incredibly quick, transitioning from the preparation to the serving and cleanup inside the space of 45 minutes to an hour. Caterers can lurk around a premises for longer than the host would like them to, but this is not these case with these specialists.