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Why going dairy-free can improve your life

Dairy is basically a staple in an average person’s diet. This makes it hard to imagine going without milk, cheese, cream or butter for an extended period of time. However, going without milk-based food has become popular recently.

Many people opt out of consuming dairy for health or other reasons. Some want to shed some pounds, counter lactose intolerance or are compelled by ethical and environmental reasons. Whatever the reason behind your transition to a dairy-free diet, there are plenty of benefits to reap. Here are 6 ways going dairy-free can improve your life:

Lose Extra Pounds
Dairy equates to an excess of saturated fat, salt, and sugar. When you cut this out of your diet, that means you’re also cutting down on the calories. You’ll notice your pants feel a little loose over time.

Bye Bye Bloating
This is evident especially in those who are lactose intolerant. Bloating from dairy is caused by the fact that the stomach can’t digest dairy as well as other foods. Swap these out with fiber-filled alternatives to say bye to bloating.

Heightened Senses
This one is more anecdotal but it is definitely true for those who don’t tolerate dairy well. Certain people’s bodies react to dairy products in a way that causes congestion on nasal membranes. This blocks odor receptors to a certain extent so going dairy-free will have an improvement.

Better Skin
Going without dairy can possibly lead to improved skin. Depending on your skin type or condition, you’ll notice your skin start to glow without milk-based food. Specifically, those suffering from cystic acne.