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Why Getting Creative Web Developers Can Make or Break Your eCommerce Company

Creative web developers take are hard to come by. The very nature of the field is embedded in technological know-how and jargon.

But when you have an eCommerce company selling any visual or creative product, you need a platform and structure that acknowledges the creative aspects of your business. And you need processes that can showcase the creations you are selling.

Thanks to the growth of web-based consumerism, the need for creative web developers has grown as the online marketplace has exploded.

Experts predict worldwide retail eCommerce sales will soar from about 5 trillion US dollars to just over 8 trillion by 2026.

Adrien Levinger is the CEO of FAV Solution, one of the US’s leading development agencies in the eCommerce industry.

He started the company in 2019, after fast-forwarding the growth of The Webster, growing the company’s online sales 10x in under four years.

One of the top luxury retailers in the US, The Webster is a concept store and doesn’t focus on just one category. They sell everything from jewelry to furniture.

At the time Levinger joined the company in 2016, its online catalog represented around 200 SKUs. Today, it carries thousands of SKUs from 300 brands and fashion houses around the world.

Levinger deeply understands the creative support industries need for their online endeavors: “When I left The Webster, I realized there needed to be better developers who understood the nuances of eCommerce,” he says.

“Many in the field don’t get the consequences and need of what is necessary to make eCommerce work successfully from an engineering and creative perspective.”

As well as having nine years of experience in eCommerce, Levinger also had a deep understanding of engineering.

He attended Telcom Paris, one of the top schools in his native France. He specialized in mathematics and physics and finished in the top 255 pupils in the country.

Levinger’s track record is proven. He devised a process that was seamless and as perfect as possible for the user in the online marketplace.

Levinger developed a custom integration between the company’s CMS, its ERP system, and various marketplaces such as Farfetch, which specializes in selling luxury brands from around the world online.

By leveraging his unique expertise, digital channels were able to increase their revenue tenfold using real-time integration with the ERP system, a software system that automates and manages business processes for optimal performance.

When he built the integration for the website, it was the only one of its kind in the world: “The reason for the success was due to the fact the system has live synchronization,” says Levinger.

“It allowed us to save a lot of time and energy in the long run, significantly decreasing the discrepancies between the stock and increasing customer satisfaction.”

He adds: “I realized I could put together an agency, a web development agency specializing in eCommerce, which could help the brands and bring more value to the table.

“When I’m working with a brand, I’m helping them optimize their eCommerce and technology, but I can also tell them what they should do or can do to improve their sales and grow and optimize their businesses.”

As the founder of FAV Solution, Levinger has delivered over 100 projects and currently has a portfolio of over 25 brands.

His unique approach to online growth has enabled them to have a collective yearly revenue of over $100 million.

He says: “What is unique is when a client asks me to build a new feature or a new page, I’m going to think of what impact that will make, and how it’s going to be helping the business. Everything we build is custom and a fully optimized solution for them.”

Levinger adds it’s a challenge for eCommerce businesses to find the right engineers in today’s environment where demand is high: “Software engineers in this field are very, very hard to come by. Everybody wants them.

“So there is a huge inflation in these types of positions, salaries, or compensation.”

Having achieved success, Levinger is now a mentor and judge for French Founders, a network that supports and mentors entrepreneurs.

As one of their advisers, he helps businesses implement more effective processes to increase profits.

Levinger also serves as an advisor and business judge for La French Tech, a movement that brings together startups, investors, policymakers, and community builders.

Ilan Elbase is a Managing Partner at Effective Capital and has worked with Adrien as well as knowing him through La French Tech.

“Adrien has superior knowledge in creating the infrastructure and technology needed to build efficient websites within the eCommerce field. He is incredibly detail-oriented, dedicated, and focused,” says Elbase.

He adds: “With his expertise in the field of eCommerce, he can enable businesses to see a return on investment that you put in any kind of website investment or marketing.

“As part of La French Tech, he has mentored some of the younger members,  providing them with expertise in the eCommerce field that has enabled them to increase their profitability.”

Levinger’’s success and expertise have recently been recognized by Shopify, one of the world’s largest eCommerce platform companies.

There are only 300 Shopify Plus partners in the world, less than 150 in the US: “The fact we achieved this in less than two years proves that we have tremendous momentum, and we’re uniquely positioned, “adds Adrien.

Through the program, Levinger has worked with acclaimed brands Wolf & Shepherd and JUNGMAVEN.

Rachel Clark is the Design & Development Partner Manager for Shopify Plus – North America.

She says: “Adrien has a great work ethic and is driven to get the best results possible. He is persistent, motivated, and a joy to work with. His dedication to clients propels him forward with US businesses.”

David Emmanuel-Cohen is a co-founder of Red Luxury, a jewelry & watch company that owns, designs, manufactures, and distributes its proprietary brands worldwide and has seen how the specific process works.

He says: “Adrien has enabled us to increase our website speed and trigger more sales and higher conversion rates. He’s a brilliant, astute individual.

“His process helps create jobs. Increases the revenue of our brands, and he provides us with a great quality of work.”