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Why did Astrologers not foresee the Coronavirus Pandemic? – Prediction or Predicament

Astrologer, Author, Gemologist and thought Leader Abhijita Kulshrestha of Gemstoneuniverse Shares her thoughts.

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The “shwai-shwai” gang has finally got to me. To be honest, there had been some feelers earlier and then some needling through a Twinkle Khanna column (I do find her hilarious though). But last five minutes of the finale of Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives was the straw that broke this camel’s proverbial back.

Now I am a fairly, or rather altogether peace loving person and avoid conversations around astrology.

I believe. Whether you do or not, has never been my concern. Each one to their belief or in other words – whatever floats your boat!

I enjoy my work, which was a huge shift from a career in media and I gladly help/ offer service where required. Converting anyone to my point of view has never been my trip. Hence, the avoidance to talk on these matters. Also there is fair amount of work to be accomplished in a day so where’s the time for rationalising and debate?

Before I go on any further please go through these screen shots and do pay attention to the time stamp and date of the article and the content that has been encircled. The article was put up on the website on 4 Dec 2019 at 5:27PM, a fair 3 months before the unbelievable shift had our world lopsided. If you don’t call this a prediction or a foretelling, I don’t know what makes the cut in your world!

Why did Astrologers not foresee the Coronavirus Pandemic

Alternatively, here is a link to the article for you to read:

Then a few weeks later the annual horoscopes were published to and here is the snippet of what was written about need for inventing new things (see, how we are scrambling for vaccines to fight the virus that has blurred all distinctions and how are all trying to find greater meaning to life as everyone has been forced to rethink life!)

Astrologer, Author, Gemologist and thought Leader Abhijita Kulshrestha of Gemstoneuniverse Shares her thoughts

Yes, a lot of astrologers may have missed the bus and you may have had less than pleasant interactions with some, or your environment may have conditioned you to bracket everyone under the same label without making valid enquiries, but I speak for myself and in my humble, little capacity for this towering discipline that has existed for last 4000 years and still thrives despite what the “little-to-no-knowledge-about-it” rationalists have to say, every now and then.

The above predictions and foresight should be enough to indicate that you need to get in touch with the RIGHT people before making your opinions concrete.

Or as my Guru has always reiterated – astrologers can be wrong but ASTROLOGY is always RIGHT.

As you can see now, I did predict a possibility of a global crisis in one piece and need for discoveries and inventing new things in another. However, deepest apologies for the word “pandemic” escaped from the reckoning! (Rolls eyes).

I speak because I have spent large amount of time studying the sacred texts, thousands of charts and spent enough and more part of my adult life single-mindedly pursuing this discipline and how it influences human life. Tough call when you compare that with echo of someone’s momentary doubt or crisis spawned by their personal discomfort or as a result of encounters with dubious folk.

You see, I haven’t trained to be a “doomsday forecaster” or to look for the worst outcomes.

The first, ethical responsibility of an astrologer is to offer information and solutions that make you stronger. Hacking at your roots by offering mentally damaging information is a strict no-no.

So while there is nothing wrong with the question, it falls into the bracket of a “trigger” for what Rolf Dobelli, the delightful Swiss author and entrepreneur describes as the Opinion Volcano and will lead to opinion incontinence (another here-to-stay term coined by him.

Here is some of his wisdom, (relevant in this context) as an excerpt from his bestseller The Art of Good Life.  “The human brain is a volcano of opinions. It spews out viewpoints and ideas non-stop. No matter whether the questions are relevant or irrelevant, answerable or unanswerable, complex or simple – the brain tosses out answers like confetti.

In doing so it makes three mistakes. The first: we express opinions on topics in which we have no interest. In a recent discussion with friends, I caught myself professing a heated opinion on doping scandal, even though I am not remotely interested in elite sports. You can open any popular newspaper and your opinion volcano will begin to seethe. Keep a lid on it – as I should have done.

The second mistake: we spew out opinions on unanswerable questions. When can we expect the next stock market crash? Is there more than one universe? What will the weather be like next summer? Nobody can say for sure, not even experts. So here, too: be wary of blurting out opinions.  

The third mistake: we tend to give over-hasty answers to complex questions – Like those at the beginning of this chapter. This mistake is the most serious of the three. The American psychologist Jonathan Haidt has done extensive studies into what happens inside of brains when we do this, revealing that we tend – especially with difficult questions – to instantly pick a side. Only then do we consult a rational mind, looking to justify and shore up opposition…

…It’s a pretty inadequate process when it comes to complex topics. Poor decisions based on half-baked opinions can be disastrous but there’s another good reason to prevent opinion incontinence. Not always feeling like you need to have an opinion calms the mind and makes you more relaxed – an ingredient vital to a good life.”

Alright. Even if I were to play the devil’s advocate and suggest a scenario where an ace astrologer may have predicted a “pandemic” – the very same columnist would have suggested brain scans and alternative career as a fantasy genre writer to that person at best! Give me any ONE instance from the vast history of the world where people have heeded a prediction and have been able to avoid a problem/ crisis/ disaster?

Nothing comes to MY mind!

So shwai shwai until you find the next profession pooh-pooh while I go and finish the annual horoscopes. 2021 is round the bend.