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Why anxiety can be a vicious cycle, according to Joshua Fletcher

The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world has precipitated a crisis of mental health, especially in people who have become structurally unemployed or made redundant. For millions of people around the globe, the lockdown measures instituted by federal governments have caused a global existential crisis. People have lost their lives, incomes have been shattered, and welfare dependency is through the roof in many countries. It’s little wonder why societal anxiety has risen so sharply, and it’s an unfortunate fact that anxiety illnesses can worsen in a vicious cycle.

Joshua Fletcher knows all about dealing with mental health concerns, having experienced a nervous breakdown himself. He’s written two books about coping with anxiety management and offers in-depth, personalised counselling to those suffering from acute anxiety disorders.

Breaking down panic disorders

Acute anxiety disorders can be characterised as conditions where the individual suffers from recurring panic attacks. Panic attacks often include hyperventilating, breathlessness and intense emotion.

When he was 23, Joshua himself suffered a nervous breakdown. He couldn’t function and had to cease working for a short while. He was crippled by terrifying visions where his heart would be in continual panic-mode. He couldn’t break the cycle, and the more he thought about how scared he was, the more panicked and anxious he became. He would pace his home, concocting various scenarios in his head, which only exacerbated his anguish.

What Fletcher tells his patients

Fletcher continually reminds his patients about several vital lessons. Firstly, anxiety itself cannot hurt you. It is only if you let the stress beat you that it can start to bring destructive forces into your life. Stress, in and of itself, is nothing to be feared.

The best thing for individuals to do is to embrace what they are feeling and understand why it is occurring. When you start to panic or feel down, know that it is merely chemicals in your brain, sending different messages. According to Joshua, when patients understand the science behind their emotions, they are often encouraged to overcome them.

The Panic Room and The Panic Pod

Joshua is a qualified psychotherapist who runs his own private practice. Based in Manchester, United Kingdom, The Panic Room is a safe place where he consults with patients and clients about their anxiety disorders. He provides his patients with practical techniques and strategies designed to help them overcome their irrational fears and concerns. Moreover, Joshua uses his platform to share his ideas and strategies via his weekly podcast, called The Panic Pod. He also has a radio show on Wellbeing Radio, where he discusses all things related to anxiety and stress management.

Rewarding work

For Joshua, being a clinical psychotherapist is one of the most rewarding things he has ever done in his life. Being able to give back to the community and assist those suffering fills him with joy and happiness. For many people, Joshua’s services are life-changing. People who haven’t smiled in months and months suddenly feel accepted and empowered again. He never takes for granted what he does, and because of this, he views his work a privilege.

Joshua has published a series of books, detailing his own life experiences and troubles with mental health, along with seminal tips and strategies for people trying to manage their anxiety. Some people can overcome their anxiety disorders, while others can’t overcome them, and so it becomes a process of management, as opposed to eradication. If you are suffering from anxiety or elevated levels of stress, get in touch with a therapist like Joshua Fletcher to receive meaningful change in your life.