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Who is Calmsurble? Taking mixed reality to the next level with artist and VTuber Marcus Bell

With technology advancing at rocket speeds, artists and content creators are moving into virtual entertainment, opening up an exciting category for anyone who enjoys streaming content from YouTube and TwitchTV. While it might seem like all fun, this medium requires a special creative mind and keen attention to detail. Marcus bell understands that delicate balance.

Two Personas, One Creative Mind

Calmsurble - Marcus Bell

Artist Marcus Bell, also known as “Calmsurble” is taking the mixed reality art world by storm. Working with a range of clients across the globe, he creates mixed media art that connects with an artist’s unique audience. He believes in fostering an emotional bond with art, which comes through in his results. His unique dual perspective allows him to create results that offer a range of perspectives.

The Classically Trained Artist

With a lifelong passion for the arts, Marcus Owen Bell achieved his dream of becoming a classically trained actor and musician. With a classical foundation, he was able to veer into the medium that connected with him most. Over time he moved into television, appearing in several films and TV shows. This experience gives Marcus a unique perspective and incredible foundation to take into his own art.

The Creatively Cultivated Alter Ego

Like many performers, Marcus needed a stage name—more than that, he need an alter ego. Something that would provide him ultimate creative freedom. Something that would allow him to tap into the deepest parts of his creativity. After some experimenting with augmented reality, he made the decision to pursue this as a medium for art. Thus, Calmsurble the mixed reality artist was born.

Kabuki Theater: The Pokimane Musical

With thousands of subscribers on his YouTube Channel, Calmsurble presents his artistic talents in the form of Kabuki theater. Traditionally, Kabuki theater refers to the Japanese tradition of a male portraying a female character on stage. Calmsurble adopted ideas from this tradition and created The Pokimane Musical, which is an incredible display of animation combined with augmented reality technology.

The Pokimane Musical by Marcus Bell a.k.a Calmsurble

While the video itself is impressive enough, it should be mentioned that this was recorded as a live performance! While his YouTube channel hosts video uploads, you can catch his artistic talent live on his Twitch channel. Tune in for a chance to be taken to another world—you’ll find yourself considering things from a renewed perspective and experiencing a form of artistic connection and entertainment you might have never thought possible!

Connect with Calmsurble – Marcus Bell

Marcus Bell - Calmsurble

The world of virtual reality is taking off and artists like Marcus Bell are at the forefront of the movement. Whether you’re interested in simply being entertained, or if you want to learn more about creating this type of content yourself, it would serve you well to connect with Calmsurble.

For live broadcasts you can go directly to his Twitch channel, visit and subscribe to his Youtube channel for updates and tons of valuable creative content and inspiration.