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A Few Words About SugaCards: Who Are These Guys and Why Are They the Best?

Today, a stylish and respectable metal credit/debit card is no longer just an exclusive that banks issue exclusively to representatives of large businesses and VIPs. This is an opportunity for every self-respecting person to declare himself as a stylish and extraordinary person. In connection with the growing popularity of bank cards made of metal, we decided to find out from one of the most promising companies engaged in the production of such exclusive payment instruments, what distinguishes its business, how to determine the best ones, and why the representatives of SugaCards themselves set high standards for this business?

The Segment of Metal Bank Cards: What to Consider for a Customer?

Initially, metal bank cards were a super-exclusive product that only large banks offered to their especially important customers. Obtaining such a card was not easy, and its maintenance is very expensive.

Everything changed with the arrival of independent companies on the market, which own patents for the production of metal billets for payment cards and the technology that allows transferring EMV chips from plastic to metal carriers. One of such companies working in the United States is SugaCards, headquartered in California.
Along with SugaCards, other companies also offer to upgrade plastic payment cards to metal ones. Therefore, when preparing our article, we initially decided to highlight the main features that are important for potential clients of such companies in their choice of a service provider for issuing a metal bank card. And they, in our humble opinion, are as follows:

  • Term of work in the American market. You should not trust one-day firms because it is the successful work for several years that lays the foundation for trust in the company.
  • Availability of the company’s own patented technology. The process of transferring EMV chips from plastic cards to metal, the development of designs, and the use of laser engraving require knowledge and precise technology. Otherwise, you risk getting a useless souvenir that will not do you any good.
  • Customers’ service is the cornerstone of any business. Issuing custom metal bank cards is no exception. The ability to get personalized service in this particular area is very important.
  • Safety. We are touching on a very delicate topic here. The fact is that companies that issue payment cards made of metal use EMV chips and information from the magnetic tapes of the customer’s personal plastic card. That is, you do not receive a fundamentally new bank card with a new account but simply upgrade your existing card. And for such an upgrade, you need to send your bank card to the manufacturer by express delivery. Of course, the safety of such sending and working with the card should be at its best.
  • Design features. The very essence of metal bank cards is their exclusivity and unique design. They are intended to replace boring plastic cards with a banal design. Of course, companies that offer customers the widest possible selection of presets or the opportunity to develop a custom design always win in this challenge.

Answering Some Questions About SugaCards: Who Are They?

Now it’s time to find out what the SugaCards company is and how it is doing with the features described above.

So, SugaCards is a metal payment card manufacturer that has been operating in the US market for far from the first year. The clients of this company were both hype lovers and representatives of big business, bloggers, and celebrities.

The peculiarity of the work of SugaCards is that its management has chosen for itself a unique strategy that combines the finest quality of the metal cards themselves with the maximum client-friendly service. This is expressed from the very first moments when you get to the company’s website. The user-friendly interface allows you to choose a card of your choice and provide checkout in the shortest time ever. And the very speed of work on the production of metal payment cards with a unique design is amazing. Where most companies promise to issue a card within 3-4 working days, SugaCards can handle it in 2 days.

The level of customer security implemented in the company also captivates. All customer cards are insured for the period of their delivery and work on the production of a metal card.

But the best thing about the work of the guys from SugaCards is the feedback from their clients. We honestly tried to find at least one negative feedback on the Internet but there are simply no such ones! Instead of this, you can read a lot of grateful reviews. By the way, SugaCards employees actively use social networks to communicate with clients. In addition to the quite obvious Instagram account that any business representative has today, SugaCards pleases its customers with funny videos on TikTok and useful videos on the YouTube channel. At the same time, communication with clients is ongoing, regardless of the questions posed and the time of posting comments.

All this convinced us that SugaCards can be safely called the best company for upgrading plastic payment cards to metal ones, if not in all the States, then on the West Coast for sure.

5 Reasons to Claim SugaCards Is the Best Company for Metal Bank Card Ordering

  • It provides the most touchy and customer-oriented service throughout the United States.
  • The company offers fair prices that are even lower than average metal bank card costs.
  • You are welcome to choose among numerous metal credit/debit card design templates or just download your draft to implement it in your metal bank card directly on the website.
  • In SugaCards, the fastest shipping is offered. Besides the delivery throughout the US, the company offers worldwide shipping.
  • Be sure all your questions will get answers as the SugaCards team answers quickly on social media or via phone/email.

Do you want to get your unique metal bank card? Thanks to SugaCards –, you know where to get it!