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When Science Fiction Becomes A Reality. The Flying Robots Are Here.

There is this famous, often rewritten quote about living in the present. It is a thought along the lines of not dwelling in the past, not worrying about the future but being fully present now. However beautiful and comforting the sentence is – there is no denial that for some of us, the future starts now. Visionars, innovative thinkers drive the world forward and we may catch ourselves wondering how it is possible that technology we dreamt about as kids already becomes a part of our daily lives.

Prometheus – the flying robot is here

If you have ever imagined what it would be like to have flying robots helping the society, I am happy to inform you that they are already here. Meet Prometheus  – the world’s first hybrid drone for „talking” with people in real time in GSM / LTE / 5G technology or via the SatCom satellite link. The word „drone” here, although used by the Prometheus company to guide the public in what kind of technology they have contact with, is a big understatement.  Prometheus is a machine of more than two metres high that is capable of flying even in the worst weather conditions. It is a robot made for the public sector that can be especially helpful in police/fire-fighting/military use, as well as in natural resource management.

Prometheus can track missing people and cars and drop elements that might save human lives, such as first aid kits or lifebuoys. Therefore, it can be actively involved in search and rescue missions. It also enables communication between groups of people, reaches places that are hard-to-reach and has flight time up to 5 hours. The possibilities that it provides to special forces can be a breakthrough in terms of public safety.

One machine, many applications

The flying robot can also work for environmental causes. It can be used to map forests, deliver data about the number of trees, show parameters related to canopy coverage and create a 3D mapping of carbon dioxide storage in forests. Planting new trees with Prometheus? Nothing easier – it distributes seedlings quickly and efficiently. And this is just the beginning of a long list of uses of Prometheus for environmental activities – and for humans in general.

Prometheus is a completely new product on the market. However, orders for this drone have already been placed by companies from the energy sector. As explained by the inventor of drones, Artur Książek, in an interview with Forbes magazine – They will be used, among others, for the analysis of cables overhang between electric poles and property protection.

Prometheus can be a good alternative to a helicopter. The capabilities of the flying drone are pretty similar but it costs 10% of helicopter value. Moreover, it is really easy to pilot – it does not require a runway: it is equipped with an automatic take-off, flight system and landing from the mobile transport capsule of the company invention. It is also more stable than helicopters and in the event of failure, it lands using a pyrotechnic parachute.

Revolutionary technology

Why is the flying robot truly revolutionary? It fills the gap between the drone and the helicopter, unlocking completely new possibilities for the public safety sector. What is also promising are its features which can benefit the environment. Considering how important environmental issues are for the future of mankind, Prometheus can truly be considered as a great invention. Technologies that may improve the state of the world’s forests, facilitate the work of firefighters or other life-saving services are exactly those that should become not only a fantasy of the future, but also an element of our present landscape.

Team of passionates

Prometheus company was founded in 2019 in Poland and is run by the staff consisting of masters of their crafts – electronic engineers, constructors, designers, managers, programmers and flight instructors among many others. Members of the team have co-created 20 aviation projects and 25 drone projects. One of these drone projects is the biggest Polish drone PW-100. The company was awarded a nomination for Polish Innovation Award 2020 for “construction and development of an innovative drone”.