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“When one door closes, several others open”- says hairstylist and educator, Francine Gillian Garcia:

The owner of Ju Poppin, Francine Gillian Garcia’s life might seem like a good fortune but there is tons of hard work and determination behind the success. 

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Francine is from a modest background and is very well connected to her roots. She attended vessigny government secondary in Trinidad but has received her GED with Brooklyn College continuing educational classes. She has gained hair knowledge with Hairanns hair school in San Fernando, Trinidad. Francine says she did not aim to be a hair stylist as a career choice. Her grandmother passed away which shook her to the core and she was compelled to do a job as a hairstylist. But now, looking back at her situation, she says God has been very kind to her and has led her to the most satisfying career path. She considers hair styling as her calling and is grateful for the opportunities she has received in life. 

Francine Gillian Garcia has continued working towards achieving success as a hairstylist and is known to be associated with large scale brands such as Matrix, Patric Bradley, Loreal, Najah. She has also completed her mastermind classes with some big recognised names such as Natalie Wedwell, Marissa Peer & Grant Cardone. She arrived in the USA with nothing much but 50 dollars in her pocket. She did not know what life had planned for her. It was a roller-coaster ride but in the ending, she has achieved her dreams. She has a contagious laugh and makes sure everyone around her is in a jolly mood. She cares about other’s feeling more and puts others emotion over herself. She feels God has given her beyond what she has ever asked and hence puts a valid effort into giving back the society. Her hard work has been recognised by many in the industry and has many features in many magazines such as Essence and Oprah magazine. She is a born giver and loves making women feel special and valued. She is a naturally philanthropic person and little things make her happy including love for God and gospel music.

Francine is a simple woman, happy with the little things in life. Some good food and a little wine by the side is enough to help her unwind and relax. Her story inspires so many immigrants and she has touched several souls with her kind gestures and spiritual words. Francine Gillian Garcia believes that when you give something you will receive it back in many folds, no wonder she has received so much from the world that she’s always served. 

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