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What you need to know about using Showbox APK in 2020

Showbox APK is the most popular unofficial streaming application on Android that is used by millions worldwide, giving them access to the latest TV and movies. While traditionally used on Android smartphones, it has since become available across many other platforms, including desktop computers.

The service has changed a lot of the last couple of years, and many people have wondered about its ongoing safety and security in today’s age of digital crime like identify theft and cyber-fraud. There are plenty of reasonable concerns and also answers to said concerns so you can use this application without second-guessing yourself.

How does it work?

Showbox APK works by allowing users to download or stream media to their device via a lime player that will often display ads in order to offset to cost of hosting said content. Users can download media to watch when they are unable to connect to WiFi or use their phone data, such as when they are on a plane travelling overseas.

Is it legal?

The legal status of Showbox APK can vary depending on the local laws of wherever you are located and their approach to copyright protection. Technically, it is perfectly legal to use the application to stream content that is royalty free.

However, the vast majority of people will use the application to consume copyrighted content free of charge. The application is always being updated and has a huge library of movies that has made it the ‘go to’ for people in many countries around the globe.

Showbox does not directly control or upload the content that is streamed, it simply creates a platform from which it can be accessed and does not ask any questions about the origin of said content. This gives the parent company a degree of separation between itself and the illegal activity its application is commonly used for (watching pirated TV and movies).

Mainstream competitors like Netflix, Stand, Hulu and even YouTube all hate Showbox APK for obvious reasons; it takes money away from them. People who would otherwise pay a Netflix or Stand subscription to watch specific shows will often start using the application to access them for free (although they will need to endure annoying ads).

This is an application that falls into the strange legal grey area that other programs like BitTorrent do – there’s nothing inherently criminal about the use of these platforms, but they tacitly exist because of an illegal demand. This has caused large media companies that own intellectual property of TV and film streamed via Showbox to attempt to take down the application and/or limits its accessibility.

This is why you won’t find the Showbox in Google Play or whatever other storefront your phone is using for apps. In order to get it on an Android phone, you need to perform an internet search with a search engine like Google for the keywords “Showbox APK”. This will enable you to download the file directly rather than via the GUI (graphics user interface) of the app store.

Some people can find this scary as it is ‘less official’ than going through the app store – but there is not choice in this case. As long as you are careful about what links you click on, you will be able to download Showbox APK very easily.

Will it be safe for me to use on my phone or computer?

Sandbox APK is, itself, safe to use on pretty much all devices. It does not contain any malicious software or viruses designed to harm or take control of your devices.

However, as mentioned it is possible to accidentally click on a dodgy download link for Showbox APK that seeks to take advantage of the lack of oversight. Because there is no official channel like the Google Play Store to control the one source and manage version control, it means that there are thousands of different download links out there each claiming to connect you with the file you are looking for.

The problem is, this APK fill is updated as the developers make improvements and alterations to the application. This mean you need to be careful and spend some extra time making sure you are only downloading the latest version of the application.

One area where Showbox APK may not be safe (as of recent updates) is in the Lime Player it now users which has a notorious level of ads built-in. While its understandable that they may need to increase the number of ads they show users to offset increased running costs, some users report it getting towards irritating levels of intrusive.

This can be a concern as there has been a lot of controversy around the way ads are implemented on these streaming apps. Some say that the ads are designed to be hard to click the “x” on or are deceptively worded.

Also, users of Showbox APK have reported that the developers are spending time implementing systems that show more ads to users but aren’t balancing this with improvements to the usability and reliability of the application. Increasingly, it may seems like the developers are trying to make as much money as they can from the platform without spending, they own money improving it.

Some might argue – “but why would they?” After all, the Showbox APK team have captured a huge audience that does not have the desire or means to pay for content they would otherwise be unable to access. If this application is the only way you can watch the new Marvel movie with your kids, then you probably won’t mind enduring a few ads or unreliable performance.

Increasingly, people are reporting that the developers are only still in the game to make money and get out before increased government crackdown potentially makes streaming services like theirs unviable. While there is nothing wrong with targeting ads at your audience (it’s the cornerstone of modern business), it is seen in poor taste when the ads seem aggressively excessive, are deliberately misleading and/or are prioritised while other technical problems are neglected.

Lime Player (the 3rd party video player the application now uses) will play ads at periodic points during long files and ads at the beginning of short files. These would be similar to the kinds of 30 second ads you see in some YouTube videos.

Reasons that people might not use Showbox APK

There are three distinct reasons why someone might want to avoid using Showbox APK:

Intrusive ads

There are A LOT of ads on this platform and especially since the introduction of Lime Player as the playback tool because of its in-built advertising that interrupts the video and won’t let you watch again until the ad has played. There are also other ads that pop up and may be designed to be difficult to close, frustrating users even more and causing them to potentially click through to an ad page they did not mean to.

It may be a virus link

Of course, when downloading Showbox APK you need to be careful where you source it from as there are many dodgy links out there. Because of the aforementioned lack of official oversight (because the application is unsupported on official app storefronts like Google Play), it means that many sites out there will claim to have the real thing when they actually don’t. This can make finding the legitimate version of Showbox APK incredibly difficult.

Many websites are designed to mimic the look of the official application’s download page – but they are all fakes. You always need to be careful about what links you click on, especially when you are not on a website with SSL certificate security.

These days you can really never be too careful about what you click on. Always double check links before you follow-through.

Alternatives to Showbox APK

As you may have guessed, there’s no shortage of clones of Showbox APK out there trying to capitalise on the demand for this kind of application. However, while there are plenty of poor-quality clones, there are also many alternative programs that may be superior for you depending on your preferences.

You shouldn’t just stick with the same thing forever just because you are used to it. You may be missing out on a better experience if you don’t try new alternatives.

Using Showbox APK with Android

Showbox APK android

If you are worried about finding out how to install showbox APK on Android then you don’t need to worry as the following will explain it for you. On the application you will be able to find anything and everything in the form of media that you could want – horror movies, Netflix shows like Stranger Things or even the latest Star Wars movie. There’s no shortage of content valuable if you spend the time to look for it.

With showbox APK you are also able to download videos so that you can enjoy them when you don’t have an internet connection of any kind. This can be really useful if you have a long flight or train trip where internet access will be unbailable or limited.

There are no restrictions for how you can use the application – just plug and play whenever you want. You can add the application to any device such as your Google Pixel, Samsung or Huawei smartphone – as long as it runs Android as an operating system.

Troubleshooting playback errors in Showbox APK

If you are experiencing problems with the player inside the Showbox APK application, then you should turn of automatic Google Play updates and this may fix the issue. You can also enter the developer options of the application and tap the “build version” button in the application’s settings.

Showbox APK FAQ

The following will look at some frequently asked questions to do with Showbox APK.

Is it free to use Showbox APK?

Yes, it’s free to download and use. There is no subscription or initial fee.

Is there an option to save downloads for offline watching?

Yes! You can save videos that you like to enjoy when you are watching offline.

What kinds of digital devices support Showbox APK?

Lots of devices support Showbox APK, including;

  • Android Phones
  • Android Smart TVs
  • Android TV Boxes
  • NVIDIA Shield Device
  • Firestick & Fire TV
  • Android BOX for KODI
  • Fire Cube
  • Android SmartWatch.
  • Ruko

Can I use Showbox APK on iPhone?

No, Showbox APK is unfortunately not available for Apple devices. This is because of the restrictive developer tools that Apple gives since the applications it allows for users are highly curated to deliver the ‘Apple experience’. It means that Apple would never let you install an application outside of their official app store, and this means that something like Showbox APK would be taken down by copyright holders very quickly.


Showbox APK is a very popular app that isn’t showing any significant signs of losing its dominance of the marketplace for streaming content. While there is a growing frustration from loyal, long-time users of the application about the lack of technical improvements compared with the rate of monetisation through ads, these voices are few and far between when you consider the vast userbase of Showbox APK.

Showbox APK has a high-degree of versatility built-in and gives users a lot of freedom in what content they access and how they access it. Because it allows people to stream torrents, the unspoken truth behind the application is that people who can’t or don’t want to pay for services like Netflix, Stan and Hulu can use it to access copyrighted content and stream it to their device. However, the money saved – when compared to the frustration of dealing with intrusive ads – may not be worthwhile for everyone which is why this application has not made paid platforms obsolete.

For many people who manage multiple subscriptions to streaming platforms, Showbox APK can offer a convenient alternative that has everything in one place. It even allows you to upload and share your own content, making it more akin to a site like YouTube which allows users to be content creators and get their own followings.

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