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What To Avoid When Shopping For Page Boy Suits

Retail outlets and private sellers across the country will promote their own unique range of page boy suits for the big occasion.

Amid all of organizing for a wedding, this is a domain that should be fairly straightforward.

Young boys in this setting will have a small but important role in the ceremony and they will want to look their best as the family cherishes the photos and memories for generations to come.

For those parents or older siblings who have been given the task of shopping for an outfit that will be perfect for the big day, there will be some pointers to avoid.

If you happen to steer clear of them, then you can rest assured you have made a sound investment on the suit.


Tough to Clean

There will be page boy suits that are incredibly straightforward to clean and others that require a more delicate and direct touch. Shoppers will need to consider this element first and foremost because young boys are always a high risk of spilling drinks, falling in the dirt or having stains and crumbs littered up and down their outfit. Rather than berating them for their behaviour, think ahead of time and have a garment that can easily be washed. Polyester, nylon, cotton and linen fabrics are perfect for a quick and easy home wash. Other fabrics ranging from velvet to wool or silk have to be booked in for the dry cleaner – a scenario that can be more costly and time consuming.


Out of Sync With Groom Party

From vintage tuxedos to tail, dinner or business suits, there is a wide variety of choice for the groom and the groom’s party to opt for. To have a picturesque option when looking for the perfect page boy suits, it is advisable to synchronise the style. Not only can this be an outfit that could be purchased at a lower bulked rate within a single package, but it will tie in the styles to ensure the young boy feels like a valued member of the event.


Material That Doesn’t Breathe

Even in cool climate conditions where warm and comforting page boy suits are the order of the day, young boys can easily build up a sweat and feel suffocated in the outfit. If they are items that cannot breathe, then that sweat and heat can create a very uncomfortable experience. In that instance it is wise to source silk, cotton, nylon, rayon or merino wool materials that will be perfect for summer and spring events, but also give the boy the option of supporting a jacket in the cool or taking it off indoors.


Above Market Value

In 2019 it takes next to no effort for shoppers to find out what average page boy suits cost on the open market. Some parents can source an item around the $75-$100 range depending on any accessories like ties, belts or cufflinks. If the brand is exorbitant and comfortably over market value, then it simply should be avoided. There will be a litany of other costs incorporated into a wedding and for a product that will be outgrown within the span of 12-24 months, it is not worth investing hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.



Now that you have a general guide of what to avoid when hunting for page boy suits, the open market is yours to explore. It is strongly advised that parents, guardians or older siblings give themselves enough time to identify a brand that will cater to their needs, because time pressures will lead to concessions and shortcuts being made. Most brands should also offer a return policy and warranty as part of the purchase. Do some homework and begin the process as soon as possible to avoid the rush!