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What is BookingCW and How Do You Use It?

With the world finally starting to calm down and open up again, more and more people are looking to book their next holiday overseas and finally get out and explore the world again. The pandemic shut down the globe almost 2 years ago, and essentially brought international travel to a standstill.

With the inflow of vaccines, international travel has seen a resurgence and will see more tourists starting to fly around the world. BookingCW is the perfect service for any potential tourists, as it allows you to be able to see where you can go based on a criteria that you input. BookingCW will help you to visualize the accommodation available in your set destination, as well as locations you can travel to within your set destination. It is easy to use and cuts out the middleman hassle of a travel agent which can make this a lot more complex and expensive of course.

BookingCW makes everything easier, and in a world of convenience, it is a necessary service for any would-be tourists.

BookingCW – About

Bookingcw is the best B2B/B2C travel portal that allows travel agents and travelers to book all hotels worldwide in real time. Backed by cutting edge technology and superior customer support.

BookingCW is one-stop shop for all holiday booking requirements.

Why choose BookingCW?

– All hotels are booked in real time and vouchers are issued online

– Innovation tools that allow your staff to service your customers better and faster

– Ability to quote rates in the currency of your choice with support for all regional currencies

– Ability to create staff logins

– All accounting documents generated online

– All invoices and credit notes are generated online

– No cancellation fee on bookings canceled before cancellation deadlines

– Credit card Payment Gateway



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