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What goes into achieving explosive growth using a PR agency like Ascend Agency

PR agencies provide something that has basically become an essential service that brands utilize to expand their online growth, as well as their authority. With numerous articles available for anyone to read online about a brand, people see it as a well-established player in a given niche, and one they are more likely to turn to in order to fulfill a need or want.

A large number of brands attempt to do things on their own and build up their clout strictly using social media. While it is helpful to use social media to do so, it usually takes years before a brand can get the kind of traction it wants to see. That means an incredible amount of time and effort spent doing something that could be done within a few days or weeks when a PR agency is brought into the mix. All of that time and effort could be translated into money, and end up costing significantly more.

Ascend Agency is a boutique PR agency that has helped hundreds of its clients boost their brand awareness using articles that get published in major news publications. These include LA Times, Vogue, HuffPost, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and dozens of others. When a brand hires Ascend Agency, they get featured in these prominent online publications, and almost immediately see a boost in their popularity and authority. This ultimately leads to more leads and sales, which every business is looking to increase.

When people see that a brand is being featured across several major online pubications, it sees it as an authority on a particular subject or within a specific niche. That helps the brand gain a larger social media following, and can even lead to gaining more customers. The level of trust in a brand skyrockets thanks to the work a PR agency like Ascend Agency does for its clients.

Getting verified on social media has become a highly-coveted prize for many brands. Instagram and Twitter are the major social media platforms that brands want to get verified on. Receiving the blue tick next to a social media handle establishes them as being a leading and prominent authority in some capacity. It also helps grow social media followings and avoid getting impersonated by fake accounts attempting to destroy a brand’s reputation.

Ascend Agency helps boost the reputations of brands due to the articles it publishes on their behalf. Enjoying a great reputation online will make it more likely that a social media giant like Instagram will verify a brand’s account. Thanks to the knowledge and experience Ascend Agency has in this area, it becomes much easier to achieve this highly sought-after goal.

Ascend Agency

If you want to employ a PR agency that is actually passionate about driving growth for your brand and wants to help you grow your online presence as much as possible, then Ascend Agency should be the one you turn to. It has helped hundreds of brands already, and is committed to helping as many more as it can.

To contact Ascend Agency you can either go to their website or over to their Instagram page @Ascend.

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