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What a Tree Removal Service Can Offer You

When choosing a tree removal service, it is important to seek out a team that is experienced, friendly and listens to your requests. Workers should have access to their own insurance and workers compensation. When enlisting a tree removal service, a team of around three people is considered a suitable number for performing the job. You do not have to be present while the job is being done, though you are welcome to watch.


Contrary to popular belief, a tree removal service generally offers more than just getting rid of plants.


Here is a list of some of the things that a tree removal service provider can do for you:


Tree removal service

This is something you probably don’t want to do yourself – it can be pretty dangerous, as you can imagine, so hiring a professional team is a great idea. It’s important to check your local council’s requirements and regulations before booking an appointment, as there can be fines for removing a tree without your council’s consent. There are many reasons why you might want to do away with a shrub: if it’s died, is too big, is disease or pest-infected, is defective, is occupying space needed for other plantings or construction, or is causing damage to buildings or driveways. A professional team will use ropes and pulleys to ensure that it is removed safely, with no damage to property or gardens. They will also clean up afterwards, ensuring that your property is as clean, if not cleaner, than it was previously.



Taking good care of your shrubs will ensure they stay and grow to be structurally sound. Pruning has many benefits. Paring back excess leaves may help let more light into your property and garden, as well as offer a better view and a more aesthetically appealing plant. Pruning may also help to remove any dead branches or defects that may pose a safety issue. Pruning also covers roots; in situations where a root is causing damage to a structure, such as by lifting a path or driveway, or wedging into a sewer or storm water drain, it may be necessary to displace it.  It is important that pruning is done well to avoid any damage to the specimen.


Stump Grinding

Sometimes a tree removal service will be referred to as ‘stump grinding’. This is a process where a stump grinder machine grinds the stump and roots into wood shavings, ensuring that the stump is removed below ground level. This is useful for when you want to get rid of an unattractive stump and improve the appearance of your garden, eliminate termites or a trip hazard, stop roots from damaging structures, or use the land it’s occupying. There are many different stump sizes and locations, which mean that a stump grinding professional should have a range of tools and machines suitable for each job,


Consultations and Reports

A good tree removal service provider may also offer consultations and reports to give you useful advice on your plants. This is useful for home owners or developers looking to make the most of their land and the specimen it contains. Reports may also be required by council if you want to remove a shrub. Types of reports include Arborist Certificates and Reports, Impact Assessments, Hazard Assessment Reports, Surveys and Method Statements.


Final note

As evidenced, a good professional team will provide you with more than just a tree removal service. From pruning to stump grinding, consider enlisting the help of those who are experienced at the job next time you want to update your garden.