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Webstarted Founder Javier Caruso Shares Formula for Building Successful Remote Teams: People First

Javier Caruso’s vision for success follows a straightforward formula—focus first on people and success is sure to follow. 

Those people include everyone within Javier’s sphere of entrepreneurial influence as founder and CEO of Webstarted. This includes his clients, U.S. tech companies; and the remote software engineers from Latin America he seeks to place with them. 

“Put people first,” Javier said. “We make sure that every remote candidate is ready to work; and that every client is a good employer.” 

When it comes to screening clients, Javier seeks a great deal of feedback from workers he has previously placed with firms. When it comes to making sure software engineers are ready to embark on a new gig, he said, “I always make sure that things work and people are happy.”

Launched before the pandemic converted remote work from a novelty to a lifeline, Webstarted helps U.S. firms build distributed teams of software engineers from Latin America. Webstarted works extensively with venture capital firms; and the majority of  its U.S. clients are startups taken on during any funding series. Support for startups can take shape in many ways, including advisory work.  

“We try to help early stage companies in any way possible,” Javier said. 

Webstarted maintains a database of 41,000 candidates, with more than 90 percent in Latin America. The company also delivers an array of services that includes recruiting, hiring, screening, billing, tech hunting and staff augmentation. 

But all of these numbers bring Javier back to one thing—setting the stage for everyone’s success, client, recruiter and remote team candidate alike, by taking care of people first. 

“We do not want to work with companies that we do not like, and also, we do not like to work with candidates that we don’t like,” he said. “We remain focused on the principle that everyone should be happy.”

Webstarted’s track record speaks for itself—the firm has filled positions at companies funded from venture capital firms, including Google Ventures, Accel and Sequoia Capital, among others.

Examples of Webstarted’s success also include eCommerce startups. Also, a well-known software security firm hired more than a dozen Webstarted candidates over the past three years. Webstarted was also the catalyst for a luxury watch company that filled all of its open software positions within a few months.

Webstarted’s emphasis on people extends to those who do not yet even work there. With its Webstarted Academy, Webstarted offers free training. After that was launched, the company hired three new employees and found two candidates for remote work. 

“This is a space where you can learn,” Javier said. “But also you have the chance to get your first job as a developer.”

The success that Javier is enjoying now can be traced back to primary school, when he began studying computers and programming.

“I knew from day one that this is what I wanted to do,” he said. “So I started to learn programming, programming, programming.”

Javier later taught computer programming, then began a deep dive into the discipline. This was around the mid-1990s, when widespread use of the internet was emerging, and he began developing web pages. 

Javier began working his way through companies. He managed teams. He served as a manager/director for a company in Argentina, where he is currently based. Eventually, he signed a contract with a U.S. company that allowed him to work remotely—an unheard of concept at the time. 

“Then I started more than 11 years ago, working remotely and gaining experience managing remote teams, and utilizing remote communication,” he said. 

Javier built up contacts and over time was asked repeatedly if he could recommend remote software developers. He decided to focus on this aspect of remote work full-time and in 2019—one year before the pandemic forced a global pivot to remote work—launched Webstarted. 

Asked where his passion for Webstarted lies, Javier said, “I love to create things.”

That includes a Webstarted podcast titled “Crónicas de un Junior en IT,” which translates to “Chronicles of a Junior in IT” in English.

“I want to build things,” he said, “because I know that they will help companies to succeed.”

Webstarted’s overarching vision revolves around WebstartedHR, a product that lets companies, candidates, recruiters and agencies work together. WebstartedHR provides structure to the company’s strategy and provides the flexibility to pivot quickly and scale up as demand increases.  

Webstarted strategies for success also include ramping up networking at conferences attended by VCs; and strengthening collaboration by entering into partnerships with other companies.  

But the bottom line is that working with Webstarted makes a lot of sense financially:

  • Labor costs in Latin America are typically lower than in the U.S. 
  • Latin American time zones are aligned with U.S. time zones, so expenditures on night shifts or other scheduling arrangements are unnecessary. 
  • Many Latin American countries encourage investment and the hiring of native employees through tax incentives; a streamlined regulatory system; and lower operating costs. 

Also, many Latin American software engineers already have experience working with international clients; and they have strong experience working in a range of programming technologies and languages.

At the end of the day, people drive the conversation at Webstarted—people like CEO Javier Caruso working to make those people he works with productive, forward-thinking and happy.  

Visit or send an email to [email protected] to learn more. 

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