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7 Ways to use fax in your business

It seems many businesses these days have stopped relying on fax systems due to the consistent upgrades and updated techniques in computers, smartphones, and other technological devices. Fax machines seem to be an outcast among all the advanced tools for communications. However, in reality, fax systems still offer unparalleled multiple uses that still contribute to a more organized office environment.

Small businesses most significantly use fax machines to eliminate the need for using other costly equipment and devices to handle and perform significant tasks. Quite frankly, the fax systems have also been evolving and adapting in a sense where you can now do fax tasks without the need for an actual fax machine.

Top ways that you can use fax:

Here are different ways to use either conventional fax or solutions from sites like in any kind of business:

1. Global reach

Conventionally, the global standard for doing business worldwide still relies heavily on faxing as the main standard for business communications. This is prevalent among international logistics and shipping industries that indulge in trading routes across the world’s different continents. In some areas where high-speed Internet is scarce, the only reliable communication line will be using the PSTN.

Even when some regions and cities have convenient Internet connections, using an online faxing system is still reliably accomplished. They may have been standardizing the use of actual fax prints and copies for records and transaction purposes.

2. Communication

Using fax systems is one of the alternatives to waiting for a snail mail or package delivery, and they work well without wasting time to receive actual printed receipts or contracts. This is also the way to go for items that usually require signatures, as it can be done through online faxing. Another means of communication through faxing is when someone wants to send or receive information about a project or specific service that needs to be elaborated on in a printed copy or paper outline.

Although many countries nowadays are current with Internet usages and updates, some are still struggling to survive with limited Internet access and slow speed. In these remote places, fax machines connected to a landline phone are still their primary form of communication. These are still useful for conveying lengthy messages, business transactions, and other shared information.

Faxing is a valuable way of communication implemented by many businesses in different industries like trading businesses. Even online enterprises like digital marketing agencies could also use it to exchange information back and forth.

3. Copying

The best thing about fax machines or online fax software is the power to scan and copy. This makes it a better and speedier alternative than finding a photocopier or scanner nearby. You can simply use the machine to copy documents that are needed on the dot. This goes the same for access through scanned documents and files with the use of online faxing software.

4. Printing

Fax machines come with an option to print documents and files. It will need to be connected to your computer so that you can use this machine as an external printer.

On the other hand, a similar approach is used when you don’t have a computer nearby. You can use any other gadget and connect it to an external printer via Bluetooth to have your files printed and ready without hassle. The lack of equipment and resources won’t have to matter as long as you have an online faxing system connected to some devices.

5. Sales tactics

Other businesses take advantage of fax broadcasting as one means to increase prospects and generate more sales. Most especially, this tactic works for companies that have a target audience who still uses fax systems rather than emails. Faxes can be sent to an automated list of phone numbers all at once, and the recipient can receive your message the usual way.

If you want to try the fax strategies to offer discounts and announce sales to a selected database, utilize the broadcast faxing tactic. These are particularly helpful for those who want to receive hard-copy information on offerings and deals related to real estate, stocks, or tradeshow events.

However, before using this plan, ensure that your target recipients are on board with your approach. You’ll need to conduct a market plan to target these people specifically. Otherwise, your efforts will go down the drain if they choose to ignore your faxes.

6. Essential for regulated industries

Many highly regulated institutions like legal firms, government ministries, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare still demand hard copies of legal documents. Otherwise, they won’t honor your claims or cases. Hence, faxing is an excellent solution for such requirements. An e-signature might suffice for some businesses and personal transactions, but this is never recognized as suitable for legal purposes. You wouldn’t want to take the risk, as you know they won’t accept soft copies anyway.

A genuine signature is always present in any signed legal document held up in court. Contracts, deeds, and agreements are faxed to generate receipts and requests of signatures. These features are the things lacking in emails. So, using a fax system is reliable for your business when tackling legal issues. Legal disputes usually demand timestamps and dates, as these are considered proof of when documents were sent and received.

The same features are also offered in cloud-faxing software as document transmission date and time are also supplied.

7. Paper trail

A fax printout receipt usually comes right after a fax is successfully sent. This printout confirms details like what time and which location the document was sent and if delivered without troubles. Lawyers make use of this as a paper trail significant for evidence and record purposes.


Your company’s staff can send and receive faxes by utilizing any technological gadget or device, and this is done similarly to how you work with emails. However, the benefits of using fax are comprehensive, including the ability to reach out to those still using conventional fax machines. Furthermore, your employee can set up a virtual fax system. This is quite different from the traditional fax lines, which only use one single phone line. The new face of online faxing is efficient for your business. The idea is to embrace this innovation and combine it with the traditional benefits of the fax systems.