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Ways to Save Money on Utility and Energy Bills

Money is one thing which everybody wants to earn the maximum and spend the minimum. Especially in our everyday life, there are unavoidable things and money has to be spent on them. One out of them is spending on electricity bills. When you follow an energy-efficient living, on your side you are saving some of your bucks whereas on the side on the environment there is less emission of radiations plus the harm to the environment is relatively low. So that’s a win-win situation. If you are moving to a new home, the best movers in the states, here the list, advise you to follow a few tips t save energy and contribute to environment conservation. Thus following energy-saving practice should be a motto of every individual’s life. This guide will show you further practice on it.

Average costs of utilities

Americans are in the topmost section which is about expenditure on energy. When you total up their electricity, gas, water, and other such expenses then the average consumer over there spends nearly around 7% of their annual income on energy which is a great number. This cost does not include the cost of internet, cable and trash pickup. Thus there is a great need for improvement to save money.

Ways to save your energy bill

  1. How to save on your energy bill

When you talk about electricity consumption then your air conditioning, heating units etc make up the most of the amount. You may not count on it but in the end when you look into this, you will find you spend a huge amount of money. So given below are various ways to save amount.

  1. Heating and Cooling

In the summers and winters, HVAC costs are one of the main reasons for the increase in the energy bill. Thus to control it certain solutions are mentioned below.

  • Repair the leaking windows, doors and air ducts by sealing up- As per the research the leakages result in a loss of around $200 to $400 every year to Americans. To safeguards that, repairing the leakage is a must.
  • Put up a small thermostat – There are small thermostats available in the market such as Nest and Ecobee which you can buy as they would save around 10 to 23% on your HVAC costs. 
  • Improve your insulation- The role of insulation is to control the home’s temperature without using the HVAC system. If your insulation is a depleted source then it won’t be that efficient.
  • Try to stay in the fresh air-   You need to understand that energy saving is important and in that case you should use the AC or heat unless you require it. If the weather is good outside you can certainly, open the windows.
  1. Electricity

In the list of expenses, electricity is also present which takes around $125 per month. However, some transformations can help you regulate the expense.  To safeguard it here are some measures.

  • Shift to energy-efficient light bulbs – If you’re still using those traditional bulbs then it’s time to shift to LED bulbs to save your money. It uses only a quarter of the energy in comparison to the ones you were using.
  • Opt for solar panels – Solar panels are a great means to save a huge amount in electricity cost. Depending on the area where you reside, you may even get tax incentives or rebates for putting them up.
  • Switch off the electronics when not in use – It is a minor change but if you switch off the unnecessary lights and other appliances when not required can save a huge amount at the end of the year.

How to save on your gas bill

Saving on gas is a difficult task as for that you need to switch on to electrical appliances but then there are certain ways by which you can.

  • Put back furnace air filters often – Just like your AC system, furnace filters required to be clean after regular intervals to smooth their functioning process. Thus, in that case, you should check out it after every few months and clean it.
  • Go for grilling the food when possible – If you have a gas stove, you can consider making use of the charcoal grill for a meal once in a while to cut down on gas usage. Just switch off the gas appliance and shifting to one meal on the stove could help you save a significant amount.
  • Reduce your hot water usage – If you comprise a gas water heater, then bringing down hot water consumption in any area will bring down the costs. This means when you cut down on hot loads in the washer, or you reduce the usage of hot water in cleaning the dishes, will significantly save your cost.

Thus with this one can understand various ways by which you can cut cost on everyday utilities and energy consumption to safeguard your money. Practicing it for some time will give you significant results especially if you are all set to move to a new city and start a new life.