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WaterFiltersAdvisor discusses the importance of water filters in our life

We recently talked with Katie Russo, the founder of WaterFiltersAdvisor, a blog known for helpful tips and guides about water filtration. She is a highly experienced professional in the area of water purification and frequently posts articles about the hazards of drinking contaminated water.

Since most people aren’t even aware of the risks of contaminated water on our health, his website has become the number one solution over the years. Finding the right purification method for your household is not always simple, and WaterFiltersAdvisor greatly helps with the problem.

We asked him questions related to his website and the benefits of having purified water in your household.

Hi! At first, what made you create the WaterFiltersAdvisor website? Is there a specific goal that you want to accomplish?

Most people nowadays live in areas where water is contaminated. Not only in countries in development, but in big, modern cities as well. The problem is that most of the time, you can’t notice that the water is contaminated. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have a bad taste. And then, you and your family keep drinking that “safe” water day after day, after day. Over time, it can lead to serious health hazards, and you won’t even realize that it’s all because of contaminated water.

The problem is that people don’t realize how bad the water can be. They don’t think about the importance of water filters, because they don’t get ill the next day, or the next week. Poisoning with contaminated water takes time, but the effects can be severe.

However, even if you want to find the necessary info online, most websites contain only parts of what you need to know. My goal was to build a website that will have all the necessary information in one place. After years in business, and thanks to my water filtration experience and wonderful colleagues, I can say that I have finally succeeded.

Can you tell me more about the benefits of water filtration? And about the potential hazards that contaminated water can cause.

Not every contaminated water is the same. It might have various contaminants, and that’s why you should always look for the right filtration method, according to your water.

But let’s talk about arsenic, for example. If the water contains even a small amount of arsenic, it can lead to severe health problems. In the end, if a woman drinks water contaminated with arsenic when she is pregnant, it can have a big impact on her child.

But that’s not all. Water can also have contaminants which don’t directly affect health, but actually affect water taste and smell. For example, if the water has lots of chlorine, it can be almost undrinkable. On the other hand, contaminated water can shorten the lifespan of many home appliances, such as boilers and water heaters. All of these problems can be prevented by getting the right water filtration system.

Is it difficult to choose the right filtration system for your home? Do systems differ only in quality, or are there other factors to consider?

Well, choosing the right water filtration system for your home can be a tricky job. Of course, there are many things to consider, such as the system’s capacity, water flow, and so on. That’s exactly why I founded WaterFiltersAdvisor.

Before I founded WaterFiltersAdvisor, many friends and relatives told me how confused they are. They wanted to buy a water filter, searched the whole internet for the relevant information, but they were still confused. On my website, I tend to provide all the necessary info and present it in a nice, easy-to-read package. I’m personally very satisfied with the visitors’ feedback.

Are there some specific countries where drinking water is too much contaminated?

The fact is, water is more or less contaminated in almost every country. However, contamination can sometimes be very low and not affect people’s lives. It can still affect home appliances, but not health per se.

But you asked about the countries where you shouldn’t drink tap water. You will be surprised to hear that countries such as Ukraine, Brazil, and China have highly-contaminated water, which I don’t advise you to drink. But that’s not all – the list also includes countries such as Fiji, Mexico, The Bahamas, Russia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Costa Rica, and even The Maldives.

What would you advise people who live in areas where the water is contaminated?

The only solution is to buy a proper water filtration system. As I mentioned, it can be a bit tricky to choose the proper unit, but everything is nicely explained on my website. We have articles related to buying a new system, so when you check them out, everything will be much clearer. And I wish you all happy and successful shopping!