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Waqar Faiz Qalandar: Sufi Mystic, Spiritual Master

We had the honor to sit with a Sufi Dervesh who told us about the Sufi path of the Qalandar of our time. Grandmaster Waqar Faiz Qalandar is a sufi guide & meditation expert who combines spirituality with meditation techniques (specifically, from the school of Sufism) that give people an experience of the Divine reality that will undoubtedly improve their lives, in both small and big ways. Read on the learn more about Grandmaster Waqar Faiz Qalandar with Sufi Dervesh and the philosophy behind the amazing work they do with their students.

What is Waqar Faiz Qalandar’s background in spirituality and meditation?

People are exposed to spirituality in different ways. Some might happen to read upon a good book in the library, or others might take a trip to a foreign land. For Grandmaster Waqar Faiz Qalandar, the exposure was from birth.

Grandmaster Waqar Faiz was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, a city that is home to the shrines of several major Sufi saints and whose inhabitants live and breathe Sufism. One of the first saints to be buried there was one of the daughters of the Ultimate Master Ali, Ruqayya, known locally as the Chaste Lady (Bibi Paak Daman). Another major saint to be buried there is the 11th Century Sufi master Ali Hujweri, commonly known as Dāta Ganj Bakhsh. Grandmaster Waqar Faiz grew up in the shadow of his shrine, known locally as the Dāta Darbār.

The Dāta Darbār has been something of a center for Sufism for centuries. Sufis from all over the world congregate there to pay their respects and meet their fellow seekers. The 12th Century Sufi master and patron saint of the Indian Subcontinent Mu`īnuddīn Chishti performed a 40-day retreat there before settling in India and starting his work there. Grandmaster Waqar Faiz had spent much time at the Dāta Darbār performing retreats and learning of the different Sufi paths, their masters, and their practices.

The vast majority of Sufi practices in each tradition are passed down from master to disciple, and all practices of Sufism find their origin in the teachings and activities from the Ultimate Master Hazrat Ali. Being a direct student of Hazrat Ali, Grandmaster Waqar Faiz received all of the practices of his spiritual discipline from him, and the meditation that he teaches is no exception. This meditative practice has been gifted to him by the Ultimate Master Ali, and its unique nature and method are a testament to this fact.

How did Waqar Faiz Qalandar become a spiritual guide?

No man can lead without first having traveled, and no man can be a teacher without first having been a student. Grandmaster Waqar Faiz Qalandar became a spiritual guide under the direct spiritual connection and teachings of the Master of all Masters – Hazrat Ali (may peace rest upon him).

Grandmaster Waqar Faiz Qalandar shared a unique connection with the Ultimate Master Ali (may peace be upon him). Virtually all of the Sufi orders in existence today can be accredited to Ali. Nearly every sect of Sufism has origins that lead back to Hazrat Ali. This concept may be rationalized with the help of the hadith, whose legitimacy is recognized by Sufis, where Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) said, “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate.” Distinguished Sufis such as Junayd of Baghdad and Ali Hujweri described Hazrat Ali as a Master of the practices and principles of Taṣawwuf (Sufism). Even though Hazrat Ali and Waqar Faiz existed 1500 years from each other, they share a direct spiritual connection. Hazrat Ali, the Grandmaster of Sufism, singlehandedly took it upon himself to make Waqar Faiz a direct student of his, ensuring no intermediaries in the process.

Birthed and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, Grandmaster Waqar Faiz, dwelled in the city that houses the shrines of various recognized Sufi Saints and whose inhabitants devotedly practiced Sufism. Locally known as the Chaste Lady (bibi Paak Daman), one of the daughters of the Ultimate Master Ali, Ruqayya, was one of the first saints that were laid to rest there. Similarly, 11th Century Sufi master, Ali Hujweri, fondly referred to as Dāta Ganj Bakhsh was also buried there. Grandmaster Waqar Faiz grew under the tutelage of his shrine, known locally as the Dāta Darbār.

Since his early days, Waqar Faiz Qalandar had always yearned to follow the spiritual path. However, he was aware that to walk the path, he required the help of a guide. Consequently, in his youthful days, he received initiation from a local Sufi master. However, this Master passed away, leaving Waqar Faiz without the chance to study under this guidance.

This was the point where he began to have dreams of renowned ancient Sufi masters giving him instructions and messages. Once he awoke, he would do as the messages had directed, and he would discover that the dreams were real. This process continued until Hazrat Ali himself appeared before Waqar Faiz and told him that he would become his only teacher and Master. A few times, under the instruction of Hazrat Ali, he performed spiritual exercises at the tomb of a Sufi master, where someone would often hand him a particular relic or item. On some occasions, he would command Waqar Faiz to go to the countryside and offer food to certain people with peculiar issues. By diligently obeying these instructions, Waqar Faiz soon discovered all his experiences to be real and true.

At the start of his spiritual journey, Waqar Faiz carried out several kinds of devotional practices to set out on a journey of purification of the heart and self. Recognizing the heart as the power and kingdom of the Divine, Waqar Faiz Qalandar tirelessly strived to rid his heart of any worldly pleasures, attachment to the company of famous people, and continuous removal of the lower self to enable him to dedicate all of his heart to One Truth and Reality, the light of the Creator. On his journey to discover the Ultimate Truth, Waqar Faiz Qalandar would, for many years, totally desist from disclosing any aspect of his spiritual journey to anybody, in order to cloak himself in his fondness of the Divine. Physically, people regarded him as an ordinary man, but spiritually, he formed a special and strong connection with the Divine.

In accordance to God’s word, a famous Hadith Qudsi:

My servant draws near to Me through nothing I love more than that which I have made obligatory for him. My servant never ceases drawing near to Me through voluntary works until I love him. Then, when I love him, I am the ear by which he hears, the eye by which he sees, the hand by which he grasps, and the foot by which he walks.

Grandmaster Waqar Faiz would isolate himself in the wilderness and various shrines of ancient Sufi masters where he would engage in spiritual rites and retreats. He held one of his first retreats in the shrine of the renowned and famous Sufi of Southeast Asia and the patron Saint of Lahore – Hazrat Dāta Ganj Baksh Ali Hujweri. The Grandmaster spiritually isolated himself for 40 consecutive days and nights while meditating and fasting to deepen his communion, love, and purification with the Divine. His first student was a man who was a Sufi master to thousands of other students. He recollects a story of the early days of Waqar Faiz Qalandar, where he would row a canoe to the middle of a river just to isolate himself for the entire Day in Divine remembrance, meditation, and prayer – this was a daily rite he did for 40 days. On the bank of the river, lay a softened rock that held his footprint when he was deep in prayer. To this day, that rock can be seen on the riverbank. Ultimately, this Sufi Master realized the purity of the light that Waqar Faiz Qalandar had received and ended up becoming a student of the Grandmaster. There are only a handful of accounts about the spiritual journey of Grandmaster Waqar Faiz. A journey that was as long as his life.

At the end of this long journey of fighting the lower self, abstaining from the world, and receiving spiritual purification, the Ultimate Master Ali, bestowed on Grandmaster Waqar Faiz the title of Qalandar – used to describe a person that transcends the Sufi path by totally devoting themselves to the Divine, to the point where no blemish is found in them. This ordained title of Qalandar is granted and bestowed with help, love, and an infinite abundance of the Creator’s light. Once the Qalandar attains this height in his spiritual journey of sainthood, their status becomes interwoven with the direct transmission of light from the Divine through the Ultimate Master Ali. Here, after many years of isolation, Grandmaster Waqar Faiz Qalandar was saddled with the duty of spreading this light to others under the command and direct guidance of the Divine, through the Ultimate Master Hazrat Ali (may peace be upon him).

What types of insights do people to experience during his meditation sessions?

We shall show them Our signs on the horizons and within themselves. – Fussilat, 41:53

Sufism is all about experiencing the Divine in every aspect of our lives. In order to truly have such an experience, the Creator has left signs in creation so that we might recognize this Light. These signs are found outside, as well as inside, and meditation helps to realize both. Whatever one’s purpose may be in doing meditation, Sufism seeks to fulfill that purpose by allowing one to see and experience the signs of the Creator. Once these signs are seen within the self, it becomes easier to see them on the “horizons” of one’s life and daily routine.

Grandmaster Waqar Faiz Qalandar says; “And have you seen what you have? Thankfulness will become you, by ways of a simple glance.”

The types of insights that can be, and have been, gained through this unique meditation offered by Grandmaster Waqar Faiz Qalandar aren’t limited to a temporary relief from the stresses of life or a short-term spiritual cure for one’s troubles. Although it will definitely do this for the individual, Waqar Faiz Qalandar says “The goal of this path is very high and that is to reach the Ultimate Source, the One True Light. Once you connect yourself to the Ultimate Source, everything beautiful will come along with this Light.” Waqar Faiz Sufi Meditation offers front seats to the view of one’s soul, and through it, a chance to connect to the Source of all being.

 Who is best suited to his meditation sessions?

Grandmaster Waqar Faiz Qalandar has always stressed the need to assist all of humanity, if not all of creation. He says; “The fastest way to reach the Truth is to serve others and the biggest charity you can give is to forgive someone”. This meditation is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, language, or any other boundary we have imposed on ourselves.

People engage in spiritual practices for their own reasons, and any reason one might have is reason enough to join any of these sessions. This meditation is for anyone interested in meditation, soul exploration, spiritual awakening, spiritual healing, spiritual journeying, self-empowerment, stress reduction, self-growth, overcoming a challenging time, overcoming depression, fear, anxiety, increasing your love and compassion, finding peace and happiness, or using wisdom to deal with everyday problems and difficulties.

Can skeptics still give it a try?

Any discipline, when practiced with purity, will always welcome healthy skepticism. Skepticism can lead to curiosity, which in turn leads to understanding.

Spirituality is an essential way to go beyond the dimensions of the physical realm and enter into one’s own consciousness. Grandmaster Waqar Faiz Qalandar says “The beauty of the sky, trees, oceans, and universe can all be found within yourself”.

Looking at this from a material aspect, Carl Sagan the renowned astrophysicist says “The cosmos is within us, we are made of star stuff. We are a way for the Universe to know itself”. Knowledge of the truth is set in understanding the connection between the physical realm and the inner realm, the realm of human consciousness.

For believers, this unique meditation can be an eye-opening experience. For skeptics, it can lead to curiosity. Whether it is a feeling of relaxation or an actual verbal discussion on a real positive lesson, anyone that sits in Waqar Faiz Sufi Meditation is able to take something away from it. It can be a deeper understanding of one’s own self, contentment, peace, stress relief, healing, or, most importantly, connecting to the Divine light.

What does the future hold?

Waqar Faiz Sufi MeditationCurrently, Waqar Faiz Sufi Meditation is taught and practiced in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Middle East and Australia.

Different classes can be found by visiting Waqar Faiz Sufi Meditation website which has a list of events taking place online and in person in different cities across the world.

This meditation is for every member of humanity, and as long as there is any individual or community out there willing to take it on, Grandmaster Waqar Faiz Qalandar will provide it to them.