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Viral Love & The Quest To Eradicate Hate – Interview w/ Heidi Nicolle, founder of @Heidiisms

Heidi Nicolle is on a mission to make Love go Viral! An incredibly tall order met by an exceedingly determined soul – Heidi is an online creative based in Los Angeles and has been building her audience and her brand for the better part of two years.

She is constantly on the mission to inspire more people to love themselves and to spread a little less hate with her message and art. Her development of the #isms and Make LOVE Go VIRAL campaigns have begun to gain traction in the social media world – helping people to look inward and find the spark that resides in everyone that isn’t always illuminated.

We had a chance to have a sit-down with Heidi to discuss her humble beginnings, her rise to prominence, what drives her, and what ‘isms’ are.

Welcome Heidi, can you tell us a little bit about yourself to start?

I’m a giant weirdo (laughs) – no but seriously, I am. I’m a Gemini and boy do I fit the profile perfectly. Half of me is a wild and free-spirited creator that’s full of grand ideas, dreams, and visions. While the other half is a type-A personality – extremely driven & working-to-the-bone on whatever I’m focused on. It’s rare to find me in-between these two.

My whole life I’ve felt like a Lemniscate or Infinity shaped peg trying to fit into a square hole. I would cater to one side of my Gemini personality but completely neglect the other. People would always tell me you can’t be a businesswoman and a free-spirit simultaneously – I believed them for the longest time – until one day, it all clicked.

It was then I realized we need to believe in all of ourselves first to truly love ourselves. This includes all the weird, crazy, embarrassing, and unique parts of ourselves that we usually keep hidden.

It’s love that is going to heal this world, and where better to start than with ourselves. So welcome to my #ISMS family! Here we believe in each other and ourselves. We are also on a Mission to make LOVE go VIRAL 💓

When you started your ‘Heidiisms’ brand, was it about believing in yourself & your mission to make Love go Viral?

Well kind of. When I had that eureka moment and realization that I really could be anything I wanted to be with enough self-belief, I felt I wasn’t alone. I started talking to all my friends and family and everyone I spoke to had parts of themselves they hid as well – parts they didn’t love or were embarrassed by. I knew then and there that I wanted to help myself and others believe in their own magic.

Through this journey and creating Heidiisms on social media, I discovered so much about myself and built and an amazing community of people! I also had some hate and saw just how quickly hate can spread. When live-streaming I had the chance to address some of the hate and found a lot of people behind the screens were sending out hate as a coping mechanism.

This is when I knew my next mission- to change the mindset online and spread love, not hate. Our mission is to create at least one day in the world where there is no hate and only love.

What happens after you create one day in the world without hate – What would be the next mission for Heidiisms?

Well, it could take a week, a month, a year – a lifetime! (Laughs) Making LOVE go VIRAL will certainly take some time and I’m ready to take it one day at a time. I know it’s an ambitious goal but I believe in its potential.

Starting with smaller steps, I’ve just created a new custom Love filter on Instagram that anyone can use. You can find it at my @Heidiisms profile, just look next to my tagged photos and you’ll spot a smiley face with the two plus signs or sparkles. When creating the filter, my goal was to have everyone post inspiration and share messages of LOVE so I could re-share them daily!

I absolutely love how social media is constantly growing, changing, allowing me to showcase my message through art and reach like-minded individuals on a global scale.

You mentioned a passion for art & creating, What kind of brands or people do you typically collaborate with?

I’ve been truly blessed to have worked with so many amazing brands already; from Fortune 500 companies to smaller mom & pop style stores. Recently, my boyfriend (another photographer) and I were so excitedly proud to collaborate with some very talented clothing designers and artists for a beautiful campaign. That was our first publication together.

I love the creative process so much and it is how I feel I communicate with the world the best. I am currently working on a passion project to raise awareness about some toxic land in need of a clean-up. I won’t spoil it just yet, but it includes body paint, one of a kind designer pieces, and so much more.

My boyfriend and I both love set design, photography, and art. We take extreme pleasure and a lot of care with every set we build, photo we take, and video we create. This past year my boyfriend has really been an amazing addition to the Heidiisms team.

Can you tell us more about what #isms are?

Of course! #isms are all of our personality traits and here we celebrate & recognize them all. For me, I have my Bossisms, Artisms, Glamisms and Fitisms. I am currently working on creating my YouTube & IGTV channels where I will break down these a little more, help inspire, give advice, and bring light to new innovations and trains of thought for each space.

As we talked about when we first met (I feel like we are family already!) my Bossisms come from that type-A side of my personality. My intention is to bring in other CEOs and give business advice, strategies, and tips!

My Artisms are definitely borne from the free-spirited side of me. Here I do fun things and promote campaigns surrounding art and expression – one was CREATEmas, where we created something every day for 30 days back in December on Tiktok & IG.

My Glamisms are going to be fashion & makeup based! I never looked at makeup as a form of painting and fashion as true design until a few years ago – it really changed my whole perspective on everything. Before I never really wore makeup and wore clothes because, well, society. Now I see makeup as an exercise for creating art on my body, and fashion as my potential walking canvas.

Finally, my Fitisms. This is all health & fitness related! If you hang with me live on BIGO you know I’ve been trying desperately to take off the quarantine 15 I put on. If your in this same boat come dance with me Live every Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 6pm! We may even do some cooking lessons too! I know I need them!!

Why do you think it’s important for people to find and acknowledge their own #isms?

Wow, great question. Can we pause on this for a moment? ….. Remember how we were talking about believing in all of you, finding your magic and the power it all has on your life? Writing down and acknowledging who you are and what you need to make you happy all fits in this category.

I actually have a little board (if you watch me live you know this 😅) and I write each week what I do in each of my four #isms categories. It was so crazy how quickly I found that I was actually neglecting a lot of my own happiness when it was all laid out in front of me. I found when I wrote down, paid attention to what I was doing, I could easily identify why I was feeling like something was missing on certain weeks where I neglected an #ism or two. I felt the more I tried to do something and give to each category consistently, the more I felt an inner peace – does that make sense?

Finally, what is the main goal you hope to achieve with your brand, Heidiisms?

The dominant goal I have is to inspire others and myself to always believe. Of course, we all want to make LOVE go VIRAL, and to focus on loving all parts of ourselves. I would love for you to join me on this crazy, amazing journey and join our #Isms family! Thank you so much for spending time with me today to help promote this incredible message – and remember to always believe in the magic of you!!

You can join the Make Love Go Viral movement by following @Heidiisms on Instagram, use her custom filter and tag away! Heidi also publishes short videos regularly on Instagram and TikTok with inspiring messages of love and understanding.

Thank you Heidi for your time!

You can follow up and connect with Heidi at or IG @Heidiisms or TikTok @Heidiisms

Heidi Nicolle