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Vinod Reghunathan

Learn the Keys to Entrepreneurial Success with Vinod Reghunathan and His New Book “Law Of Attraction & Effection: The Secret Ingredient to Wealth Creation”

As an entrepreneur, you must take advantage of the experiences of other successful business owners. Vinod Reghunathan is a big believer in this and even used this method to establish his successful career. His courageous personality led him to be an early explorer of the potential of the internet for making money. He now hopes to share his experiences in his new bookLaw Of Attraction & Effection: The Secret Ingredient to Wealth Creation”. He hopes that after reading this book, other budding entrepreneurs will understand their potential and have the courage to take advantage of online opportunities as he did.

Welcome Vinod, can you tell us a bit about yourself to begin?

I was born in Kerala which we usually call God’s own country because of its natural beauty. I did my degree in Economics and then did a post-graduate degree in Marketing Management. From an early age, I did not have the desire to work under someone. I tried that approach for one year and found out that it was not my cup of tea. Then I ventured into the offline business for some years until I discovered I could work from home and earn money. It was around 2007 and at that time no one around me knew what that meant. People were not exposed to the internet and its power, I saw the opportunity and delved right into it. I used to work for 18-20 hours at the start of my journey even though at that time I was researching how to make money online. Starting my online journey with data entry, I moved to SEO, then to a host of other online services. The Internet has always been my fascination and even today I get the adrenaline rush when I’m online. When I started making money online, I decided that this should be how I should live. The freedom I had in my life was tremendous and even to this day I’m a free man and I never feel like I’m working.

Have you always been interested in the world of technology?

Yes, it all started with computers, and then I got exposed to the internet and I fell in love with it. I’m so fascinated by technology and the wonders it has provided to make our life simple and enjoyable.  I’m aware of the downside we are facing with technology but I always believe there is a good side and bad side to everything and which side you focus on is an individual choice.

The technology that recently caught my attention was blockchain and cryptocurrencies and I believe blockchain tech will disrupt many industries and change the world in 10 years.

How did you get your start in this industry?

As I said earlier it was by the end of 2007, I saw the opportunities that the internet promised and saw it changing our lives in the coming future. I could see the future while those around me were not having that vision. My parents, brother, and relatives, no one could understand the future as I did at that time. I was taking a bold move to the future that no one believed in. I trusted my gut instincts and leaped.

As with anyone looking to make money online, I started looking for projects that I could do as I did not have any technical exposure. I understood that a person like me could easily find data entry jobs and started looking for those and succeeded with them. When I realized that it was very labor intensive and time consuming for too little pay, I decided to find new projects which I could do.

When I found that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was then a thing, I started accepting and working on those kinds of projects, moving from Affiliate marketing to Social Media Marketing to domains, and cryptocurrencies.

Till now whatever I have done I have learned through reading and taking action, that no one was there to hold my hand and walk me through the process. Whatever I have learned was through reading books, blogs, articles other people’s experiences, and experiments.

I love money and I do not want to work all my life for it, so the choice of the business I take is carefully curated for my future.

When did you decide to share your knowledge with others?

2007 Was a year that made me realize some hard truths about life, love, and relationships. I have never read a book before that in my life (avoiding the textbooks). “The Alchemist” was the first book that I read and got me “Enlighted”. It was the quest of the boy fighting for his dream that excited me and gave me the seed to change my life.

After that I read a lot of books, I’m of the view that each book is a person’s vision, experience, dream, or experiment. We have a limited amount of time in this world and I can’t try and make every mistake and then learn from it, so when I read, I’m learning from another person’s experience and I can avoid a lot of pitfalls that they have fallen into. I have thanked a lot of book authors for their contributions and the changes that their work has brought to my life. I decided that I should also be able to share my experiences in the future. The idea that I should write a book was always in my head and I had plans to do that after 70 years, but that changed when the pandemic hit us. It was then that I decided that I should try writing now.

Vinod Reghunathan - Law of Attraction _ Effection-front

What inspired you to write your book “Law Of Attraction & Effection: The Secret Ingredient to Wealth Creation”?

“The Power of the Subconscious Mind” was the second-best book I have ever read. After reading that I have trusted that the subconscious mind always has the power to alter our reality. I’m a doer I always take action on anything I feel like doing. I’m not worried about its success or failure it’s the process of doing something that I have never done that excites me. I have a highly active mind and I’m a person of visuals. You tell me an experience and as I’m hearing it will be playing as a movie inside my head.

Understanding how the sub-conscious works took me to the principles of the law of attraction. When we say “Law of Attraction” now it has been so much abused and it’s seen as a cliché because many people project it as some magical stuff.

But as with many others, my life is also living proof that we can manifest anything we want in our life. When I thought to write it as a book, however, I found that several books explain it better, so I decided to do more research about the success of companies and individuals and found out that the “Law of Effection” was another principle that made them stand out.

The Law of Effection dictates how you should select a business and the criteria you should be following as an entrepreneur starting your business which I will say is a very practical approach to business. The Law of Attraction, on the other hand, completely prepares your mind to overcome procrastination, self-doubt, and low self-esteem, and start building a life with positivity and wealth.

Kindly share a few tips on how to use the Law of Effection for wealth creation.?

The Law of Effection principles looks simple like the Law of Attraction principles. Even though they are simple it’s hard for people to implement them in real-life scenarios. The simple principle or tip for the Law of Effection is that you should have total control of your business, your business idea should be scalable, and should have the magnitude for growth. It may sound simple but it’s hard to implement if you are not personally committed to your growth.

Finally, do you have a fundamental piece of advice for our readers?

There is a huge collection of books that tells the readers how they should do something and get better in life, be it with relationship, health, wealth, or any difficulties we have to go through in life there is a book for that. But what I see generally with people is a lack of action and dedication, people do not act on the information they have at hand. While researching for this book and even now, I’m concerned about will the readers take action to bring changes to their life.

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About Vinod Reghunathan:

Vinod Reghunathan is a tenacious entrepreneur, author, and cryptocurrency specialist with a lifelong passion for technology-centered business. Through the Law of Attraction, he empowers people to achieve lasting financial prosperity.

Over two decades, Vinod has acquired the depth and breadth of knowledge he needs to help others succeed in India and beyond. As a freelancer on the brink of his entrepreneurial journey, he specialized in SEO and affiliate marketing. He then began offering social media marketing services for clients and companies across the Globe.

A few years into his career, Vinod shifted his focus to stocks and trading. By 2013, he was delving into the realm of investment, domains, and real estate. It wasn’t long afterward that he had the opportunity to serve as a speaker/ attendee at numerous premier conferences for the domain name industry called NamesCon in Las Vegas, Texas, Macau, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Five years later, he added crypto asset investments and Bitcoin to his list of specializations. Since then, his investment portfolio has comprised of investments like NFT, DAO, and High APY Crypto products.

Vinod holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management. In addition to providing a PMS (Portfolio Management Service) for his clients, he started offering a Cryptocurrency Masterclass. His initial masterclass was recently conducted for BCCI, Kolkata in April 2022, and he plans to facilitate many more.

When he isn’t building his investment portfolio, you can find Vinod Reghunathan listening to music or watching engaging films. He is also a voracious reader, which is ultimately what inspired him to become an author.

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