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Video Chatting & The Rise of Virtual Dating, Weddings & Funerals

It sounds like science fiction, but we are living in a truly digital age, in no small part due to the wonders of technology making almost all aspects of our lives intensely easier. There seems to be no shortage of eases and conveniences being portrayed through the lens of innovation, starting small with little advances in home shopping delivery and new ways to shop and purchase thanks to the internet. Computer technology allowing unprecedented amounts of editing to be done in the creative fields and even public transportation getting the technological advances that we all take for granted from time to time.

The advances go beyond our simple day-to-day, one of the principal upgrades noticed in recent years has been in the realm of video chatting. The technology aside, the conveniences and advances being made in the landscape have allowed for communicative channels to flourish in new and exciting ways, from video chatting with friends on sites like ChatSpin and Skype – to the notion fo video conferencing with your doctor for an appointment.

Yes it seems video chatting is here to stay, and become even more dominant in our essential daily lives, and in these new and fantastic avenues of communication:


Yes, dating has seen a revolutionary boost in the time of COVID and beyond. The advent of video chatting has seen a remarkable increase in the technologies feasibility in the dating world. With video dating becoming the norm for many places still in lockdown, it breathes new hope into the future of dating or even settling first date jitters through a preparatory conversation in a safe environment for both sides of the dating equation.

Larger companies have even joined onto the bandwagon of internet video chatting and their dating capabilities with the introduction of video chat based virtual date services and speed dating alternatives for those who are hesitant to go into the physical realm or even those who are locked down and in need of that human connection.


Weddings have taken a massive hit in recent months and over the past year with restrictions to patronage being a massive detractor from having the lavish ceremonies. The wedding stream has fast become a means of circumventing the necessity of only having photos or videos after the occasion be posted online. There are many wedding planners and directories who have quickly seized the opportunity to utilise the technology and bring it to the forefront of usability.

The live-stream wedding has become the newest trend with family and friends from all around the globe able to experience it live and be part of the wedding party without the need to be physically present.


Funerals and memorial services have also taken advantage of the advances and innovations of web streaming and video chatting technological breakthroughs in recent years. Allowing grieving families from around the world to gather together in a virtual space without the incessant consideration of maximum attendance caps.

The need to emotionally connect through mourning was massively hurt with the physical realm being restricted, but several service providers of funerals have adapted and allowed the grieving process to occur and continue with the added capability of communication between close family and friends around the country and globe simultaneously.