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Victorious PR’s Top 3 Things for PR Company Success

Victorious PR is known for its vast rate of success for its clients. But how do they achieve this with such excellence without burning out and getting overwhelmed? We got together with CEO and Founder Victoria Kennedy to learn how to successfully start and nurture a PR firm.

Chosen as one of the top PR firms in Las Vegas by, Victorious PR pushes its clients to the front and center of their niche. They don’t just create a buzz, they create thought leaders out of the best kept secrets in each industry. But their success isn’t based on luck; it’s based on proven internal techniques that transform their services from à la carte items to hand-picked packages that deliver results.

Kennedy believes that building a new company on a path to success should start with core values, that those values should guide who you hire, and finally, that providing a quality service with a few value-adding bells and whistles is essential.

Core Values

“I am quite discerning when it comes to choosing members for my team because I want them to be able to shine here,” said Kennedy. “If I hire someone because they have a particular skill, I want them to be able to focus on that skill and hone it to the best of their abilities and beyond. By cultivating that standard of excellence and asking the right questions in interviews, I am doing both Victorious PR and my prospective employees a favor. If you aren’t Victorious, I don’t want you to feel dissatisfied coming to work every day.”

Kennedy explained that she doesn’t feel like everyone is an excellent fit for every company, and that is why she lives her core values out loud and proud along with the rest of her team. It’s not realistic to hope that every company culture is the same. Just as people have a wide range of interests and demeanors, so it is with businesses. Some are strictly professional, while others have a more playful side. Knowing where you stand before hiring someone makes a huge difference in their job satisfaction and your company’s success.

“So if you are going to start your firm, nail down your mission statement and make sure it’s one you believe in,” said Kennedy. “Everything you do from this moment onward to build your business needs to align with your mission statement and values.”

Victorious Growth

The CEO of Victorious PR feels that she is part of a fantastic team rather than a figurehead above a mass of employees.

“We all do our part,” said Kennedy. “I started this company out of a passion for PR, and I love what I get to do every day. Meeting and learning about my clients and getting to work with top talent in my industry – to have those people on my team is just incredible.”

Victorious PR is planning to continue to scale in 2022. Kennedy told us a bit of her favored best practices for scaling a business.

“To grow, we must have proper systems in place,” said Kennedy. “That ranges from the basics like organization and workday structure to more complicated fixtures like financial planning and forecasting. Those systems will inform your hiring decisions. Having a growth plan is essential. Know how many people you want to hire by what date, in which positions, and with what qualifications.”

Victorious PR nicknamed their plan for 2022 the Victorious Growth Plan. Everything surrounding their hiring decisions stems from their organization’s culture, values, and goals for this year and beyond.

“Our core value is excellence,” said Kennedy. “We strive to be excellent with ourselves, with our peers, and with our clients. We include integrity, precision, personal responsibility, and good-heartedness as our four pillars within that framework. I recommend reminding your team of your company’s mission statement daily. Many of our more enthusiastic employees even choose a pillar each day to focus on. These habits instill a greater sense of community within your team.”

The Secret of PR

Beyond the internal workings of Victorious PR, there are specific services they provide that put them a step above their competition. By tailoring their campaigns to their client’s individual needs, they can sell a unique product every single time.

The PR firm uses a curated formula that Kennedy herself created to steadily bring visibility and credibility to its clients. One client in particular is now on the Forbes Next 1000 list through the firm’s series of campaign agendas to boost his authority as a real estate agent. While no PR firm can guarantee that kind of success for every client, it is Victorious PR’s well-organized approach that increases its clients’ chances of success.

Kennedy recommends taking care of each client from zero to the sky. Check-in often and have a team behind you that excels in their work and knows their stuff. If your clients can rely on you to have their back without having to give it a second thought, your job will be a breeze, and you will foster word-of-mouth lead generation.

Finally, offer a little cherry on top. Victorious PR prefers to create custom graphics for its clients to show off their media wins on social media. This extra attention not only looks fancy and professional, but more importantly, it shows your client that you care. And that’s what matters.

By following your core values, choosing talent to join you that aligns with those values, and adding value to your customers, you will be well on your way to PR success.

About Victorious PR

Victorious PR, an award-winning full-service PR agency, helps impactful leaders and businesses be seen and heard to have a more significant influence on the world. CEO Victoria Kennedy is a TEDx speaker and well-respected authority in public relations. To book a call and learn how the company can help you make an impact, visit