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Verified Movers: The Future of Review Based Platforms

What is the big deal about review based platforms? Well, in a day and age when the average consumer is exposed to anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 advertising messages per day, it turns out they’re a very big deal. According to a survey by Trustpilot, a whopping nine out of 10 consumers said they take the time to read a review before doing business.

This should come as no surprise considering the number of advertisements a consumer is bombarded with each day, with many of those sharing the same promises as the next. Review based platforms provide a trusted place for consumers to gain honest feedback from others before making an educated purchase decision.

A few industries have already experienced the power the consumer voice holds through review based platforms. Think about it. When booking a hotel today, we read through numerous travel reviews before deciding between the condo with the nice pool but a short walk to the beach or the place right on the coastline. We turn to sites like Yelp when choosing the new bistro around the corner or the trendy sushi restaurant downtown.

However, the travel and food industries are far from the only two that will experience a technology-driven transformation as others realize their future will see a shift to review-based platforms that will be the driving force of customer care.

For example, one company by the name of Verified Movers has recognized the strength in customer reviews, particularly in a service-based industry. Their user-friendly platform offers detailed analyses of professional moving companies around the United States.

“There’s a thorough vetting process for any company listed on the site. We don’t allow companies to manipulate or inform reviews,” explained CEO Eugene Tolk. “We want visitors to be empowered to make their own choices based on customer reviews.”

This isn’t just good news for consumers using review based platforms, but something for businesses to take note of as well. These trusted platforms provide an opportunity to receive feedback from the consumers, determine customer satisfaction, understand the businesses’ strengths & weaknesses as well as leverage the reviews to build lasting relationships with customers. Here is why review based platforms are the future – and why that’s a good thing for businesses.

Gives the customers a voice to provide feedback.

Review based platforms allow consumers to take an educated approach in their buying decisions. They no longer have to blindly choose who to do their business with, but instead can make the best choice by researching the opinions of others. Let’s face it, this is a better option for the buyer than blindly placing their faith in a business who might intentionally steer them wrong.

Tolk realized early on the ways in which some businesses will manipulate consumers in order to make a few dollars. His journey began in sales before starting his own moving company in Florida. It was here he witnessed firsthand how many companies use dishonest tactics such as posting fake reviews, misleading customers about the type of equipment they have necessary for moving, and pressuring clients to spend more money than necessary.

He knew that as an industry, they could do better, but until Verified Movers came along, the average consumer had no way of verifying the quality of any particular company. Now, its’ trusted platform and others like it gives the consumers a voice to share their honest opinions, the good and the bad, with others, creating a community of advocates. This is excellent for those who run their business right. Good news spreads quickly, and that can be a powerful tool for bringing customers in the door.

Helps the business build a customer base.

We know review based platforms are good for the customer, but what does that mean for the business? Positive reviews can earn the interest of potential customers. It also builds confidence in a business during a day and age when consumers are having a difficult time placing their trust in run of the mill advertising.

“We want to reduce the potential risks associated with hiring a moving company,” Tolk said. “The best way to do that was to help homeowners easily find and identify potentially bad moving companies because there are a lot of those out there. But the average consumer has no simple way of verifying the quality of any particular company.”

Turns out, an online review can be just as meaningful to a potential customer as a personal recommendation. In fact, studies have shown that customers are 31% more likely to spend their hard-earned dollars with businesses with excellent reviews.

When a business focuses its efforts on establishing excellent customer experiences that leave them satisfied and wanting to continue doing business, it pays off in more ways than one. Now, the business owner not only invested in keeping that customer, but perhaps also created new ones from the positive reviews left online by that same individual. Doesn’t that sound less expensive and more beneficial than major billboards, radio campaigns and television ads?

Allows companies to become the best version of themselves.

If a company is truly focused on well-thought-out business objectives that extend beyond dollar signs, such as positive customer experiences or truly making a difference in their industry, then client reviews can help them reach those goals.

For those companies who genuinely care about becoming the best version of themselves, they can leverage customer reviews to do just that by seizing the opportunities provided by review based platforms to closely examine the brand’s reputation, build on the positive feedback customers are providing and reassess what is keeping the company from growing.

“The quickest way to disrupt an industry in need of disruption is to let the light shine in. When consumers have what they need to make an informed choice, they will. It’s that simple,’” Tolk explained. “We want visitors to be empowered to make their own choices based on customer reviews.”

True transparency means there will inevitably be negative reviews, too. In an ideal world, there would only be encouraging responses left, but the fact of the matter is that it is impossible to please everyone. Businesses need to not panic over adversity, but instead take it as an opportunity to learn. There are a few ways to handle negative reviews:


Reply quickly so the customer knows they are being heard. Do not allow emotions to take control, but instead, be prompt and polite.

Ask what can be done.

Enquiring whether there is anything that can be done to help remedy the situation will go a long way in helping resolve the problem and shows the business cares about the customer’s overall experience. Up to 95% of consumers are happy to stick with a brand if they know they are willing to make a bad situation right.

Consider if their point is valid.

What can be learned from this experience? Take the criticism and use it as a framework for the company to grow. Was it a customer service problem? Perhaps communication protocols need updating. Take a deeper look at the issue and view it as an opportunity for the business.

Technology came along and changed the way almost every industry on the planet does business. In 2021, hardly anyone makes a big purchase or hires a service without first seeking advice from the world wide web. Now, review based platforms are offering a trusted, one-stop place for consumers to go directly to the source and do just that. The sooner businesses realize the future of consumer care lies in these platforms and the benefits this has for them, the better off they will be.

Verified Movers

About Verified Movers:

Verified Movers is a trusted review platform that publishes reviews, customer testimonials and experiences with moving companies. Verified Movers is dedicated to assisting those moving to find the best services for their needs through a platform that allows users to both research and share reviews for different professional movers across the nation. To learn more, please visit