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Up and Coming Musician Tae Terrez On What Inspires His Party-Themed Music

American musician Tae Terrez is a rising star in the industry. His fun and infectious songs have quickly gained him a loyal following of fans from around the world. His goal is to create music that people can both relate to and party to. Residing in Hawaii, he continues to produce exciting songs and is currently working on his second EP. He discusses his fans, his inspirations, and his plans for the future.

Q: What made you want to become an artist?

A: I’ve always had a creative side to me, and I mostly expressed that in the form of music. Being from Memphis you’re most likely to find yourself around people who have the same passion as you whether it’s sports, music, or entrepreneurship.  I started to take music seriously because I felt like I was wasting my talent. I joined the army and started to have major success serving in the military but felt as if I was losing my true self. It started with me just wanting to be around music again and I took several co-writing gigs. Soon I started to release teasers and found that I had a small following, which inspired me to see how far I could go, so I start releasing full songs to get traction.

Q: What are the things that inspire your music?

A: My music is inspired by partying and just living freely. I always encourage my generation to speak and express themselves freely. In my music I tend to say some explicit things but I’m expressing what goes through my head in breathtaking moments.

Q: Can you describe some of the themes you like to explore with your music?

A: Most of my music is sexual or party-themed, so the environment or mood that you’re in when you first hear it is what will determine whether you’ll be hooked or not. I have had my music played in a club full of strangers and I watch the crowd go crazy, but also on the other end my supporters will send me videos of them in a laid-back setting and just vibing out to my slower songs. I enjoy exploring the night life and relationship themes more because it’s more relatable to my audience than anything else.

Q: What kind of audience do you feel your music connects with the most?

A: I feel like my music is for young adults or anyone who is looking to get into a certain type of vibe. I have a female dominant audience. Women are my biggest supporters because they relate more to what I am saying in my music than men. The melodies and lyrics of my slower songs allow them to feel sexy and/or might relate to a current or past relationship. The bounce of my up-tempo songs allows them to twerk and get their videos in for snapchat and just overall have a good time.

Q: What is the message you want to share with your song “Behave”?

A: In my song “Behave” I am speaking from the male perspective of a young couple. In this relationship, they both want each other sexually but are scared to make the first move. I’m speaking as a male who has reached his breaking point and has decided to break the ice and say what he has been thinking the entire time. Sometimes as a new couple you’re both shy or don’t want to scare the other person off. I made this song as an “Icebreaker” so that young couples can turn it on and have help sending the “hint”.

Q: What does the future hold for you? Can we expect more music soon?

A: Now I am working on my second EP while being stationed in the Hawaii. My military obligations sometimes hinder me from releasing many projects in a year. I just ask my supporters to continue to give me the energy I need to release and write music.

Thank you Tae for your time!

You can follow up with Tae Terrez at or Instagram @1taeterrez