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Unleashing the True Potential of Influencer Marketing: Aleks Velev and The UGC Agency’s Innovative Approach

Influencer marketing has become a buzzword in the marketing industry, but is it actually effective at driving conversions and maximizing return on investment (ROI)? Aleks Velev, Founder and Managing Director of The UGC Agency, believes there’s a better way to approach influencer marketing. When it comes to dominating with digital presence, his agency is disrupting the industry by focusing solely on conversions and maximizing ROI. 

Velev, who has already worked with some of the largest brands globally, such as TikTok, Deliver, and Bumble, on campaigns across multiple territories in Europe, Latin America, and Russia, became the Head of Influencer Marketing at Engage Hub in 2021. During his time there, he helped grow the company from a six-figure to a seven-figure business by securing new clients, such as H&M and Gorillas. Velev’s last role before founding The UGC Agency was at Shares, where he was responsible for all international influencer marketing efforts across various key territories.

Despite his success, Velev felt the need to create something unique and valuable for brands. With a vision to focus solely on maximizing conversions and return on investment, Velev founded The UGC Agency. The company’s inventive approach is to leverage influencer content and push it through performance marketing on platforms that are most appropriate for the target audience. By creating different hooks and variations of the content, they can test and learn to grow at a fraction of the cost while multiplying effectiveness.

The forward-looking Velev is intent on disrupting the traditional influencer marketing industry, which has typically emphasized organic content to bring brand awareness and engagement. Instead, he aims to create authentic brand value by building strategies and activations that scale and get a tangible return on investment at the bottom of the funnel.

Velev believes that the old form of influencer marketing is overused and ineffective. Instead, he advises brands to create different variations of content and test them on various platforms instead of paying for content to be utilized on influencers’ channels. This fresh approach can result in a higher ROI at a lower cost.

The UGC Agency has already demonstrated its effectiveness. It took one month in their last campaign to more than double their largest client’s revenue by working with niche creators and running their content variations through paid advertising across multiple platforms such as TikTok, Meta, Snapchat, Spotify, and Discord. Additionally, this client was in the crypto and digital assets space, demonstrating the broad range of industries The UGC Agency can support.

Velev’s vision is to work with start-ups and help them scale to become multi-million-pound companies. He wants his agency to be known for giving brands real value while providing substantial results. Velev doesn’t focus on fancy buzz terms or hiding behind flashy designs; instead, he wants to build strategies that can be scaled and bring a return on investment.

With an innovative approach to maximizing conversions and return on investment for brands, Aleks Velev is a disruptor in the world of influencer marketing. His agency, The UGC Agency, has already demonstrated its ability to deliver legitimate and lasting value for clients. With his unique perspective, Velev aims to change the traditional approach to influencer marketing and create activations and strategies that can be scaled and bring tangible results for clients.