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Understanding The Unique Roots Of Entrepreneur Nick Lai

Nick Lai is not your typical writer, entrepreneur, or marketer. Where most would typically have a skewed and rigid viewpoint of what an entrepreneur should be – Nick Lai has enjoyed tremendous success using natural prowess with the written word with a sense of adventurous risk-taking to push his marketing skills to the next level and break assumed conventions in the entrepreneurial space. His opportune timing and consistent ability to experiment has allowed him to craft his now renowned business NickMetrics, into a unique and lucrative empire.

 An Expansive History

Growing up and residing in Malaysia, Nick Lai was illuminated to his ability to see things differently from an early age, adopting a passion and overall strength in understanding what makes people tick. A talent that led him down the pathway of communications from the get-go.

However, this pursuit of his passion was not a simple happenstance affair – like so many others, he tried his hand at a few ventures before settling in on his homerun.

In 2009 he embarked on his first rodeo with a few partners on an online affiliate program which lasted a couple of years. After this, he dabbled further in the realm of communications by forming a successful online design and development firm which went on to last a further four years.

Never wavering, the spark for marketing and the prospective holistic approach was not lost on the young entrepreneur – he knew what he was destined to do, and it took a rather unusual inspiration to finally manifest it.

Nick Lai
Nick Lai

An Unlikely Inspiration

Nick Lai has been documented to say that there were two principal influences for his current state of success – that being Neil Patel and Robin Sharma. Attending a Neil Patel digital marketing conference was the catalyst for having the wool removed from his eyes and he garnered his first glimpse into the great and vast expanse of digital marketing’s potential in the modern world.

His subsequent visits to Neil Patel’s conferences led him to build a fundamental mentality on what constitutes a successful marketing firm and gave him all the ingredients he would need to craft what would become NickMetrics.

Robin Sharma’s infamous manifestos on self-improvement gave Nick Lai the fuel he needed to fully realise his own potential. Without which, he would not have formulated his own belief in his ability and the world would have been deprived of a sound marketing mind.

Fresh Horizons

Since opening the digital doors of NickMetrics in 2016, his company has expanded into a range of markets. Culminating in 3 different offices around the globe including Hong Kong, India, and Malaysia.

His firm has also expanded into investing, with a stake being put into a variety of businesses including bars, restaurants, car dealerships and other companies.

Nothing is certain in marketing – but one thing is very certain, Nick Lai is someone to watch.