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Underground Hip Hop Phenom GerkOne is Back With a New Single

The hip-hop scene today is not the same as a decade ago. Social media was in its infancy. Aspiring talents had to struggle to earn an audience because having their voice reach people was a mammoth task. GerkOne, the well-known hip-hop star, rose to fame in 2007. His road to success was obviously not easy but he overcame several challenges to solidify his position in the music industry. He was at the peak of his career when he decided to take a break from the industry, leaving his fans begging for his comeback. 

The wait was finally over in 2020. GerkOne made an explosive comeback with his first single “No Limit”. The song replicated his earlier success and took his fans by surprise. “No Limit” was chosen by West Coast legend, The Game, for their mixtape “Who Got Game”. Since then, GerkOne has been on a roll releasing one hit after another. His next release “Real As It Gets” was featured on World Star Hip Hop. 

GerkOne stepped into the music industry in 2007 with his debut single “My Block”. The song brought him instant recognition in the music business for its unusual sound and unique composition. GerkOne began his career under the label Fatality Records. Later the label was taken over by J-Finn, the CEO and founder of G.L.O.C. Recordz. He also happens to be the mentor of GerkOne. Initially, GerkOne used to record all his tracks at Polaris Studios under the supervision of Joe Hellow. 

In 2008, GerkOne released his first mixtape “F8tal Division Vol. 1” which was well received by the audiences in Canada. It got him several offers to perform at live shows all over Canada. Eventually, GerkOne became a common name in the hip-hop scene as his voice started reaching people far and wide. 2009 marked the beginning of GerkOne’s journey as an independent artist. That year, he was listed on MySpace Top Charts as the #10 unsigned hip hop artist in Canada. 

2010 brought an abrupt halt to GerkOne’s flourishing career. He released only one song that year before disappearing from the hip-hop scene for the next 10 years. He collaborated with 2x multi-platinum recording artist 2 Pistols to put out a single “Make It Happen”. The song left his fans craving for more while GerkOne planned a break from his career. 

His comeback in 2020 was as unexpected as it was thrilling for his fans and music enthusiasts alike. In 2021, GerkOne had already released three back-to-back singles that turned out to be huge successes. “Count It All” and “Seeing Me” hit the local music scene while “Over Ice” is taking the music industry by storm. 

Currently, GerkOne is focused on his next release, Pardon My Attitude”, which is his first music album. The rap giant from New York, Jadakiss, made his appearance on the  track “Big Bad Bruin” on this album. This created much hype about the album earning it more than 200K streams in the first month. The album is due to be released in the mid or end of 2021. 

GerkOne is one of those music artists who has immense confidence in their talent. While other artists try every means to be in the limelight, GerkOne gave it up when he was at his peak. His comeback is more than a reward to the music enthusiasts. He is also a treasure to the music industry. You can follow him on Instagram.

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