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UK teenager sets out to bike around the world solo, gets his bike stolen in Australia

Charlie Condell is an 18 year old biking enthusiast who is aiming to become the youngest person to bike around the world solo. Charlie has already traversed across Europe and Asia since starting his 18,000 mile journey in July.

However on this 103rd day when he ended up in Townsville, Queensland Australia, Charlie had realized that his bike, camping gear and passport had all been stolen. He was left with the shirt on his back along with the pants he slept in that night.

Charlie set off on his world adventure the day after he left Clifton College in Bristol. Charlie was sad to see his beloved bike named Colin to be stolen but is determined to get a new bike and continue his expedition. Instead of adopting a defeated attitude, Charlie went to see some of the Australian wildlife and sent out an inspiring message to his supporters. He said that Australia is a beautiful country and that not one person is going to ruin his experience.

Australia will be the 18th country that Charlie has ridden through with an average mileage of 125 miles per day being cycled. Charlie normally camps out but after experiencing a bad couple of days in Queensland treated himself to a hostel stay. Despite the set-back and loss of gear, Charlie is determined to finish the trip by March and break the record.