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Trying not to spend during weekends? Here’s how

Everyone looks forward to a rewarding weekend after working five days a week. This is usually the time when we treat ourselves to something nice as a prize for our hard work. Some cash out on spa days or a night at the club while others turn to retail therapy and go shopping.

It can be hard not to spend over the weekends but when this happens we tend to go over our budgets. Sometimes we don’t have money to begin with or we’re saving up for something much more important. In this case, it might be best if we just don’t spend at all. How? Check out these ideas for a no-spend weekend:

Start a DIY Project – Here’s the challenge, you can buy new materials for it. Look for something that needs fixing or can be repurposed around the house and challenge yourself to use recycled materials and whatever you already have available.

Start a Vegetable or Herb Garden – If your kitchen has a lot of fresh produce then you can find ways to grow your own. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that teach you how to grow herbs and vegetables from those you already have on hand.

Workout at Home – Who says you need a gym membership to stay fit and healthy? Try working out at home to save some buck. It’s also beneficial to your physical wellbeing. If you don’t have any equipment, that’s no problem. Plenty of resources for those types of workouts are available online.