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Trump-Putin Summit: The President Hits Back After Public Outcry

The United States president has hailed his meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin after facing fierce criticism over thesummit. Trump alleges that the NATO meeting was not as successful as this one.

After having talks with the Russian president, Trump contradicted his agency and questioned their findings that depicted Russia as having meddled with 2016 US election, statements that did not go well with his critiques and even some of his supporters.

In a tweet, the president referred to the NATO meeting that occurred last week saying that he had secured extra money for defense, but the summit with Russia was even better.However, his allies in the Western military alliance disputed his assertions. Trump blames the media for not spreading the right information and perceives it to be giving false News to the public.

The Trump-summit took nearly two hours in which the two heads of State had a one-on-one talk without any advisers but with only their interpreters present. This meeting took place in the Finnish capital, Helsinki.

Later after the meeting, the U.S president was asked whether he believed the intelligence of his country or Putin on the claims of meddling with the 2016 presidential poll. The president answered that he did not see any reason why Russia would conduct such an act. Trump did not offer any specific criticism when asked whether he held Russia responsible for any matter but said that the two were to blame as they should have met a long time ago.

The president publicly differed with Coats, who issued a statement alleging that Russia interfered with US election by carrying out a state-authorized campaign of fake News and cyber-attacks against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Top Whitehouse administration officials such as Mike Pompeo had accepted the conclusion by the intelligence agencies.

Several US politicians had also called for the cancellation of the meeting after it emerged that twelve Russian military intelligence agents had hacked Clinton’s election campaign.

There have been various views from top government officials such as Republican House Speaker, Paul Ryan who asserted that Russia interfered with the elections and that the U.S did not share the same values as them.

Senator John McCain, who is another Republican to criticize the actions of Trump, said that he found it as the most disgraceful performance by a US president.

Other Trump allies such as Newt Gingrich alleged that this was the gravest mistake by the president and urged him to clarify it. Although Anthony Scaramucci, who is a former communications director; cited the need for Trump to reverse the course immediately.

At the summit, the Russian president maintained his denial of any Russian interference with the US 2016 election, and in a later interview, he denied that Russia could be having compromising material on Trump.