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Travis Baucom took his Real Estate Investments to a New Level with Self-storage

Diversifying a private investment portfolio takes time and the right niche. Travis Baucom has seen remarkable success in investing then he found the lesser-known investments of self-storage facilities. 

When He Began

Baucom has nearly ten years of experience investing in real estateIn 2012 he bought his first house, Loving the freedom investing in real estate gave him, he continued to buy and renovate more than 400 houses over a six-year period. Despite his success in residential  house flipping. he had never quite hit the desired level of success. He realized in 2019, there had to be a better way to grow wealth and income, he then found self-storage facilities and listed all of his houses for sale

Before jumping in, Baucom taught himself everything there was to know about investing in  storage facilities and took time to understand how to invest methodically with little to no risk. He read all the books he could find, networked with existing facility owners, and when he felt he had a good foundation, he bought his first facility.

With 10 years of investing experience, Baucom had a hefty portfolio. Accumulating over $50 million in assets.

Starting Balcomie Capital 

In late 2020, Baucom founded Balcomie Capital (BC) and immediately began identifying and acquiring value-add self-storage properties. He is now sharing his tips for successful real estate investments in self-storage facilities with others. 

“People focus too much on buying houses for investments. Focusing on self-storage has presented more returns on the dollar, and commercial real estate has proven more profitable,” said Baucom. 

Travis is the founder and CEO ofBalcomie Capital ensuring that the company meets all the goals of its investments. He selects all key investment markets. His reputation as a strategic and savvy investor skyrocketed, and Baucom soon managed and owned over $55 million in assets.

Once Baucom entered the world of investing in self-storage properties, he could see the returns he never got with buying houses, even just starting with one facility. He then began to see income that was guaranteed for years and instead was setting himself and his family up to be comfortable and enjoy the things they love the most.  

The Goal In Mind

Baucom continues to surplant himself as a thought-leader in the self-storage investment world. When he took a chance on the lesser-recognized investment world of self-storage, he had to educate himself to ensure that he would get the return he hadn’t been able to grasp before. 

Wanting to be in the small percentages of investors taking a chance on commercial investment properties, and seeking to guide others to take the opportunity and reach levels of success that he has seen, Baucom is on a mission to invite investors into the space. The lifestyle everyone hopes to find in residential is found in commercial real estate as opposed to buying houses. 

Baucom wants to coach others to build the freedom investing gives and not reach burnout in a challenging industry. Just as he did, he wants others to become an expert in commercial real estate, avoid common mistakes most investors make, and only work on projects they love. He learned the success on his own and is sharing his secrets over at

For Baucom, his coaching is to be personal and take the time to understand the other person’s goals, which is precisely how he had to start. He had to figure out what was important to him and how he would enjoy his work. 

About Travis Baucom

Travis Baucom, Founder of Balcomie Capital, is a seasoned asset investor with over 10 years of real estate investing experience, with an average-above market return yearly over the past decade. Balcomie Capital is a boutique firm for high-net-worth and high-income professionals. Its mission is to deliver fully-managed, private investments that allow investors to pursue what matters most to them, offering unprecedented access to income-producing private investments to help build a legacy and future for the next generation.To invest with Balcomie Capital, please visit: